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Since 1959, LABARONNE-CITAF has been working with the agricultural sector, the market behind the creation of the company. Our flexible bladder tanks are the best solution for bringing farms up to regulatory standards.

Our flexible tanks can be used for the storage and/or transport of :

  •  liquid fertilizers : solutions containing nitrogen and sulphur
  •  water for sprinkler systems, irrigation, water-troughs, fire protection, rainwater harvesting, water for washing, air-conditioning, etc.
  •  slurry and other farm effluents
  •  effluents from wine production

The quality of our flexible storage tanks means we are compliant with European standard compliance programmes. We can also provide retention basins for liquid fertilizer storage or for spraying-equipment washing areas.
The exclusive technical fabrics of our bladder tanks have been specially designed and tested to meet the most severe storage conditions. Our pillow tanks can be tailor-made and the position of openings can be modified on request.


The technical advantages

Easy to install, resistant, robust, reliable, economical and maintenance-free, our tanks have proven themselves for all different uses in agriculture. Over the last 50 years, LABARONNE CITAF has installed more than 15,000 flexible tanks around the world for agricultural applications ; some of the tanks are still in operation after 35 years of use.

Customer testimonies


Self-service storage of nitrogenous solution

Mr. LELARGE, Agro-Equipment Manager

In Reims, in order to meet the needs of a large number of farmers, three 99m3-tanks were installed. They are made of HPV13 fabric and fitted with two valves (DN80 and DN50). The goal is to provide liquid fertilizer on a self-service basis. Each farmer has a card with which he collects and weighs the amount of fertilizer withdrawn. Farmers can choose between three types of fertilizer : the standard nitrogenous solution, ATS (nitrogen with thiosulphate to make it less volatile) and a sulphur-based solution. Payment is made later thanks to an automated system. As with filling, the emptying of the retention tanks is done automatically, using a pump. Convinced by the professionalism and know-how of LABARONNE-CITAF at the Innov-Agri Fair in 2006, the cooperative set up this installation in 2009. The system is reliable, efficient, practical and inexpensive. It fully satisfies users.

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More than 50,000 bladder tanks installed around the world

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