Labaronne-Citaf’s Corporate social responsibility
Our CSR policy

By committing itself to a CSR approach, Labaronne-Citaf wants to reinforce its global performance, both environmental and social, by contributing to the challenges of sustainable development; although this practice is not new. Indeed, the company has always been committed in various fields related to its activity.

CSR: Labaronne-Citaf is committed to quality, social and environmental issues

The objective of this approach is above all to communicate transparently to our customers and partners, on what makes Labaronne-Citaf: its reflections, its stakes, its actions so that our activities and our products do not become a problem in time.

Below you will find a list of concrete actions underway or to come.


Social and solidarity initiatives

Because the health of Labaronne-Citaf depends above all on its employees, we attach great importance to social initiatives.


  • Social protection and benefits: high level of supplementary health insurance, “zero accident” objective, osteopathic treatment once a year for all employees at the company’s expense.
  • Professional protection and benefits: non-generated salary and increase scale, training, company savings plan, exceptional bonuses and other benefits.
  • Well-being at work: ergonomic equipment in the workshop and in the offices to reduce work fatigue, flexible working hours, teleworking, in-house activities.
  • Solidarity actions: blood donation, participation in solidarity challenges (Solidafoot, Pink October, etc.), sponsorship of local associations (Les jardins des restos du Cœur, local sports clubs, etc.), international sponsorship (NGOs).

Quality and environmental initiatives

Labaronne-Citaf’s main responsibility is to offer its clients flexible storage solutions of the highest quality. When used by NGOs, firefighters or the military, our products, wherever they are installed, become vital working tools.

But beyond the human, societal and safety aspects of our users, we are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint.


  • ISO 9001 certification since 2009: we strive for ever-higher quality in the production of our products and the services offered to the company’s customers.
  • Quality control: purchase and/or manufacture of materials that comply with national safety standards (non-migration of substances, robustness and durability criteria, environmental criteria, 100% recyclable fabrics, etc.)
  • Waste reduction: cutting machine and associated software to limit the production of fabric waste.
  • Responsible actions on a daily basis: half-yearly cleaning day (physical and digital), water saver, temperature control in the premises, B&W printing…

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