Throughout 2019, Labaronne-Citaf is involved alongside the NGO Solidarités International in its fight against water-borne diseases, which kill more than 2.6 million people every year. 

Storage in flexible tanks facilitates the response to humanitarian emergencies, development aid missions or peacekeeping and reconstruction missions. Inventor of the self-supporting flexible tank, our product is ideally suited for the storage of liquids, whether it is mobile or permanent. This is why we have naturally chosen to support – at our level – the “Water for All” project, by setting up a patronage action. True to its values of responsibility, it was also an opportunity for our company to mark its 60 years of existence as a red-letter day.


2019 Results

This sponsorship operation consisted of transferring a portion of sales we made – for each litre of storage sold in 2019 – to the humanitarian organization. You were able to follow on our website and throughout the year, the number of liters sold thanks to a dynamic counter, that we had fitted for the occasion.

And it is with great pleasure that we share with you today the total amount of this action, which was a real success. Indeed, we have largely exceeded our objective: thanks to the commitment and loyalty of our customers, we have reached a total of just over 258,000,000 litres  of storage sold!

On February 13th, our Humanitarian Project Manager and our Communication Manager went to Paris (to be precise, to Clichy – the headquarters of Solidarités International) to hand over our donation cheque and exchange with the teams on the projects in progress, but also on their organisation and the interest of our products in the field.

From left to right: Elisabeth Neyrand, Labaronne-Citaf Humanitarian Project Manager / Nathalie Couinet, Labaronne-Citaf Communication Manager / Thierry Benlahsen, Director of Operations Solidarités International / Marie Houel – Head of Supply Department Solidarités International / Matilde Touzalin – Head of Collection Solidarités International.


This act of solidarity, which all the members of Labaronne-Citaf wish to renew and perpetuate, we are extending it to 2020.

As a committed and experienced manufacturer, Labaronne-Citaf has always been involved with humanitarian organizations, providing them with reliable products adapted to the field. This new year will be an another opportunity to support a structure dedicated to a similar fight: AQUASSISTANCE.
Founded thanks to the mobilization of Lyonnaise des Eaux (SUEZ Group) employees, AQUASSISTANCE is an international solidarity non-profit organization that works to improve access to water, sewerage and waste management for vulnerable populations.


Find out more about it very soon!


Operation “Water for All” 2019:
Find the details of the project on our “Patronage” page

By choosing our products, you are all actors in providing access to water for all!




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