On July 17, 1958, André Labaronne created CITAF…

Because we are not 60 years old every day*, we had to celebrate it properly.

On Wednesday, our dear Labaronne blew her 60… + 1 candle, surrounded by its teams and closest partners. Why 60+1? Because we wanted to revive the history of this company and understand the journey of our founder. After several months of research, we found the first extract from the company’s register. We finally learned that on July 17, 19…. 58, André Labaronne created CITAF!

Since its origin, our logo has never really evolved. And 61 years is a good age to rebuild your youth and set course for a new era of flexible storage! Is not a precursor who wants to!

Labaronne-Citaf: animation of the new identity

This is why, on the occasion of this 60+1 anniversary, Labaronne-Citaf unveils its new logo. Without drawing a line on the past, based on experience, this new identity brings together the ingredients that make up our DNA, while being firmly rooted in modernity! We would like to thank our long-standing partners, distributors and customers, without whom nothing would be possible today!

Discover the animation video of his creation:


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