The Labaronne-Citaf team would like to thank the participants of the #CelebrateYourTank photo contest for their visuals and the associated testimonials.

We can be delighted because a total of forty visuals have been published on the mini-site dedicated to the photo competition, and this has allowed us to travel to the four corners of France and the world!
We had several favorites, beautiful images and many illustrations of our different applications.

Now it is time for us to reveal to you the photos that caught your attention and got the maximum number of votes…


citerne souple eau de pluie dans un jardin scolaire - PANAMA
Rainwater flexible tank, in a school garden

🥇 – «My tank is #beautiful» Category

199 votes et 28 comments
A big winner in each category, here is an image that perfectly illustrates the use of our products for sustainable development purposes. Collecting rainwater, this 25 m³ Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank was installed in the province of Chiriqui, Panama. It is used to water the vegetable garden of a school garden. Practical, economical and ecological!

“It’s the happiness of more than 200 children in this small school in San Pablo Viejo.”



Citerne souple eau potable camp de réfugiés - CONGO
Drinking water tank, refugee camp

🥈 – «My tank makes me #happy» Category

123 votes et 25 comments
Here is an installation of two Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks in Congo. Participant Manu Devos explains how the contribution of these two 500 m³ water reserves has changed the lives of the 12,000 inhabitants of Cibombo:

“Previously, the population collected water from a polluted river 7 km round trip. It was mainly the children who were forced to do this chore. Today, thanks to Labaronne-Citaf, they go to school!”



Citerne souple eau potable - ESPAGNE
Flexible water tank

🥉 – «Catch my #tank» Category

5 votes

3rd place for this 50m³ water tank in Bakio, Spain.
Mr. Patxi Perez Bermejo participated extensively throughout our contest by sending various photos of soft tanks and he was right to persevere!

He thus finished on the last step of the podium.



citernes souples d'eau lestant un écran de cinéma gonflable - FRANCE
4 flexible tanks weighing an inflatable screen

❤️ – «Jury’s favorite» Category

And this is our favorite!

Labaronne-Citaf’s favourite photograph rewards Bernard SEYSSEL‘s visual.
Entitled “Air and water”, this image illustrates two of the four Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks, weighing a 12 x 8 m inflatable screen in Thorens-Glières (France), for an outdoor cinema screening.

A very beautiful project, very original!




Thank you again and congratulations to all the participants!

To conclude this competition, we noticed that the published photos mainly concerned water storage solutions, in all its forms: sometimes vital, sometimes useful, sometimes preventive…
With more than 60 years of existence, we are always proud to be able to provide an economical and efficient solution to your projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious.


Aware that this natural resource is becoming scarcer due to climate change, Labaronne-Citaf
is committed to Solidarités International in its fight for “water for all”.
Discover the project on our “Patronage” page

By choosing our products, you are all involved in providing access to water for all!



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