“Les Jardins du Coeur” : two tanks offered for the vegetable gardens of the Coluche’s “Restos du Coeur”


While the “Restos du Coeur” charity is well known to everyone in France, the “Restos du Coeur” Gardens are not so well-known. However, these integration structures support more than 2,000 people every year, enjoying personalised socio-professional coaching in the context of market gardening activities.

citernes eau jardins potagers Restos du Cœur
Donation of 2 water tanks for the vegetable gardens of the “Restos du Coeur”, named “Heart Gardens”.

At the end of April 2018, Labaronne-Citaf donated two water tanks to the “Restaurants du Cœur” located in the department of Isère ((South East France). The association, which was in the process of setting up vegetable gardens – with the help of apprentice volunteer horticulturists, had actually asked us to help water these spaces.

After a quick diagnosis (available surface area, water volume requirements, etc.), we offered them a 5 m3 flexible tank and a second one of 15 m3.

These two cisterns collect rainwater and thus, can supply the whole garden: salads, tomatoes, zucchinis… each vegetable has now found its place and is flourishing under our beautiful Rhone-Alpine sun!





Coluche’s “Restos du Coeur” Charity

Founded by Coluche in 1985, the Restos du Cœur is a charity association, recognised as being of public utility, under the official name of “Restaurants of Heart – Relay of Heart”. Their aim is “to help and provide voluntary assistance to the needy, particularly in the food sector, through access to free meals, and by participating in their social and economic integration, as well as in any action against poverty in all its aspects”.


Isère’s “Restaurants of  Heart”  in a few figures:

  • 988 Volunteers
  •  23,337 Persons hosted
  • 2,869,466 Meals distributed


Article published on this subject :

Le Dauphiné : Gardens for the Coluche’s “Restos du Coeur”


Operation “Water, a lever for sustainable development” 2020:
Further details of the project on the “Patronage” page
By choosing our products, you are all actors in the access to water for all!


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