🆘 INDONESIA: Humanitarians still present


Several months after the earthquakes that hit Indonesia, the many soft tanks and ponds we have provided are still in use.
Many NGOs, users of our products, work tirelessly every day to provide help to residents and reconstruction. Potabilization treatment stations integrating our flexible storage solutions, have allowed the affected populations to benefit from water distribution points near the villages.

“This excellent news is a source of joy and an effective partnership”,
says Aquassistance on its website.

We take this opportunity to salute the work and to thank all the volunteers who have been working on the spot since then. Despite the difficult everyday conditions they face, they still take 5 minutes to share with us photos and videos accompanied by a message of satisfaction. Stolen moments that inevitably cause a small spark, a smile, a “thrill” of emotion and pushing each of us to think… 🌍

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