World Environment Day 2020 :
let’s reuse our wastewater!

Find the full article : Conquering blue gold… recycled!”

On this Environment Day 2020, Labaronne-Citaf offers you a zoom on one of the many environmental uses of our tanks: the new European regulation REUSE.


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What is REUSE?

Called REUSE, from the expression “wastewater reuse“, this new regulation relates to a 2010 decree governing the use of water from urban wastewater treatment for the irrigation of crops or green spaces. In Europe, the volumes of wastewater reused have increased by 10% to 30% in 10 years. In France, for example, we reuse only 0,6% of our treated waste water.

What are the benefits?

Reusing treated wastewater has many benefits, saving both natural bodies of water (surface water) and groundwater from over-extraction. In addition to the environmental benefit, it also allows farmers to continue watering during periods of drought, having the water necessary to water the crops.
The reuse of waste water thus appears to be a way forward for the circular economy and a promising solution to climate change.

Why are we talking about it today?

The REUSE was adopted last May by the European Parliament to homogenize wastewater reuse. This new regulation will add minimum quality thresholds at European level. Indeed, the European minimum requirements will relate to the hygienisation of water in four levels (A, B, C and D). These quality thresholds will be stricter than the current standards, and will have to be applied throughout Europe by 2023. Although this will bring many environmental and economic benefits for businesses, farmers, industrialists and communities will have to adapt their structures quickly to the new treatment and storage measures in particular.

How can Labaronne-Citaf support you in this environmental measure?

As pioneers and inventors of flexible storage solutions, our products are perfectly in line with the stated compliance criteria: water protected from any external contamination, safe and out of human contact, adapted treatment system and without discharge into the ground… An enlightened observer and designer of sustainable solutions, we have already worked on numerous wastewater storage tank projects. Agricultural effluents, industrial effluents, sludge from WWTPs, rainwater, waste water … We offer economical and tailor-made storage solutions for various applications, allowing you to store water without the risk of external pollution for reuse in crops and green spaces.


If you are interested in this subject, please read our complete article about REUSE :

Conquering blue gold… recycled!

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