Flexible retention basin

During the storage of pollutants, it may happen that a leak contaminates your environment. Our flexible retention basin have been developed for the manufacturers and the experts of decontamination.


The flexible retention basin is designed as a safety retention to prevent pollution risks. We offer 2 types of retention basin, made ​​with a fabric adapted to the contain pollutant: inflatable basin or tank with keeping feet.


  • Retention under pallet
  • Storage of dangerous liquid


  • Easy to install, collapse, move
  • Made to measure possible
  • Adaptability of the raw material to the product to be stored
  • Inflatable tubes or footrests for input/output of vehicle or machine
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⛑️ Operation Patronage 2021
For this 3rd edition, Labaronne-Citaf is encouraging the NGO Electriciens Sans Frontières (ESF), which fights to provide access to water and electricity to the poorest people.