Closed or open tank sealing/Liner

Perfect for the realization of open or closed sealing of bolted tanks, boat chocks, container, building or old concrete tanks.

Tank sealing/Liner

The sealing may be rectangular or circular, open – open sealed -, or closed – which is called parallelepiped. In the case of a parallelepiped, it’s require to have minimum four sides on which we can support, and a rigid bottom. The top can be maintained by hooks trays provided for this purpose.


  • Rainwater flexible storage, drinking water, latex, glue, effluent
  • Rainwater retention, fire reserve
  • Refurbishment of an old concrete tank, a water tower
  • Liner for rigid tank above ground or buried
  • Sealing of masonry
  • Tank in bungalow, crawlspace, basement, boat dock, etc.


  • Made-to-measure manufacturing
  • Adds value to reach areas with difficult access
  • Most economical storage per m3 installed
  • High resistance and long lasting life
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