Closed or open tank sealing/Liner

Perfect for the realization of open or closed sealing of bolted tanks, boat chocks, container, building or old concrete tanks.

Tank sealing/Liner

The sealing may be rectangular or circular, open – open sealed -, or closed – which is called parallelepiped. In the case of a parallelepiped, it’s require to have minimum four sides on which we can support, and a rigid bottom. The top can be maintained by hooks trays provided for this purpose.


  • Rainwater flexible storage, drinking water, latex, glue, effluent
  • Rainwater retention, fire reserve
  • Refurbishment of an old concrete tank, a water tower
  • Liner for rigid tank above ground or buried
  • Sealing of masonry
  • Tank in bungalow, crawlspace, basement, boat dock, etc.


  • Made-to-measure manufacturing
  • Adds value to reach areas with difficult access
  • Most economical storage per m3 installed
  • High resistance and long lasting life

Flash Info

Our tanks alongside the victims in Indonesia
Several months after the earthquakes that struck Indonesia, the flexible tanks and ponds we provided are still in use...