In order to guarantee you quality services, Labaronne-Citaf puts its skills, professionalism and services at your disposal to accompany you in the execution, completion and follow-up of your liquid management projects.

Labaronne-Citaf, manufacturer of flexible tanks, offers you a wide choice of premium products for your different projects related to liquid management (rainwater, drinking water, fertiliser…). Our teams are at your disposal and guarantee you a real know-how, whatever your request.

For more than sixty years, we have been working with numerous fields of activity (agriculture, local authorities, industry, environment, etc.) as well as private individuals with a seriousness and professionalism recognised in the trade. Our range of products is complete and includes flexible tarpaulins adapted to various applications!

Know-how and Quality

To meet the quality requirements of each of our customers, we have built up a team of experts in the field of high-performance flexible storage solutions.

In 1958, André Labaronne created CITAF and marked the beginning of a great family adventure. Today, one of our employees has been awarded a work medal for his forty years of service within our company. Three others are close behind him with more than thirty years of career, one of them thirty-eight! These strong symbols of our company justify a certain knowledge and know-how that is directly transmitted by those who have worked with the founder’s family.

With some installations over 25 years old still in service and several certifications on our products and our manufacturing process (listed at the bottom of the page), we give you the benefit of the best support on the market.

Customer relations, quality management, after-sales service, compliance with standards and commitment are among our many assets.

French manufacturing

Labaronne-Citaf is a manufacturer of flexible tanks and flexible reservoirs whose sole production plant is located in France, more precisely in Pont-Évêque in the Isère region. Proud of our roots, we defend a 100% Made in France production.

But French quality is not just about meticulous manufacturing. The reputation of our company is also based on Labaronne-Citaf’s support and advice, because your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.
This is why we offer a range of services from design to installation, to ensure the conformity and durability of your investments.

Depending on the county you are living in, our External Service Department ensures the installation and maintenance of our various products. This service, made up of a team of qualified technicians, is at your disposal when you need it. They will be able to find the answers to your questions and develop tailor-made solutions for your project.

Research & Development

Our founder is well known for having registered seven patents and invented the principle of the flexible container as well as the first self-supporting swimming pools.

A few years later, our research department developed the Mérou-Viti® patent, which essentially meets the constraints of small and medium-sized wineries and for which the patent was registered in 2001. We were also the first to design anti-vortex devices to prevent the risk of accidents due to the suction of the cloth. Several of our equipments have been specifically designed by our experts to meet the different field problems (bases, overflow, gooseneck…). Today, these innovations benefit everyone!

Our unrivalled feedback enables us to regularly optimise our products according to new uses.

As a precursor and inventor at heart, Labaronne-Citaf is involved in several innovation projects each year (on a personal basis or in collaboration with other companies), and in particular in recent years in environmental projects.

Fields of application
and activities

Whatever your activity, we are committed to helping you carry out your assignments.
Enriched by the various projects that we have optimised with our clients, we are familiar with the issues of each sector of activity. Always looking to perfect our solutions and find new uses for our beautiful pillow tanks, we work hand in hand with involved professionals from various sectors. Our products can be used to store the following substances:

  • Drinking water
  • Raw water (rainwater, spring water…)
  • Agricultural or industrial effluents (liquid manure, digestates, wastewater, etc.)
  • Liquid fertilizer
  • Mineral oils
  • Chemical products
  • Fuels

We are also a pioneer in the field of water storage for fire protection with our range of fire fighting tanks.

Bespoke projects

Our design office works with you to find the most flexible solution for your needs, whether it is for storage, transport, protection or processing of your raw materials.

Our engineers will design for you efficient standard solutions or 100% tailor-made solutions for your most complex projects. They research and develop new processes, which are controlled, tested and fully approved by certified bodies upstream.

Our single manufacturing site offers an unparalleled capacity for adaptation and reactivity. It is also the guarantee of obtaining a product that is perfectly suited to your expectations and your environment.

International influence

Labaronne-Citaf is a family company but also a company with an international dimension!

Our partners, employees, distributors and dealers are located in more than 50 countries and are available to provide you with efficient water tanks, local services and other high quality services.

At our headquarters, our dedicated sales teams train our partners with care and expertise to offer you the best in flexible storage and pillow tanks.

Our products have already convinced over 55,000 users worldwide!

Warranties and accreditations

We offer you a wide range of innovative references, covering several fields of application mentioned above.

Depending on the liquid to be stored, a specific fabric is duly selected for the manufacture of our flexible tanks. This ensures safe storage, even over a long period. Our main solutions are made of coated high-strength polyester fabric, which allows the transport and treatment of a multitude of liquids, up to 2000 m3.

Each year, Labaronne-Citaf, inventor and manufacturer of flexible tanks, produces more than 3000 flexible tanks for use throughout the world by civil protection, international humanitarian organisations, agriculture, industry and construction, the military and the environment.

Good to know: our flexible bags all comply with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.


Labaronne-Citaf : toujours à votre service !

N’hésitez pas à nous exposer votre projet par e-mail, par téléphone ou via le formulaire de contact en ligne, nous vous recontacterons dans les meilleurs délais et trouverons pour vous une solution sur-mesure adaptée à vos besoins de stockage souple !

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