<p><strong><span class=”titre_3 txt_jaune”>Madagascar<br /></span></strong> <strong>Produit :</strong><br />Citerne souple fermée autoportante<br /><strong>Volume : </strong>2 x 80 m3 – Eau<br /><strong>Domaine d’activité :</strong> Industrie<br /><strong>Liquide stocké :</strong> Eau<br /><strong>Descriptif :</strong><br />Pour irrigation, nettoyage, utilisation extérieure d’un complexe hôtelier.</p>

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Labaronne-Citaf unveils its new logo
Because we are not 60 years old every day*, we had to celebrate it properly. On Wednesday, our dear Labaronne blew her 60... + 1 candles, surrounded by its teams and most professional partners...