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APPLICATIONSdrinking water

For the storage and preservation of drinking water, vital and strategic resource, Labaronne-Citaf offers economic, secure and easy to install flexible solutions.
Drinking water

Since 1959, the water storage is the primary purpose of Labaronne-Citaf. A specific range of flexible solutions for drinking water has been designed to meet the health standards of any country for the consumption of water.

In France, only Labaronne-Citaf offers now products that meet the standard ACS (ACS Attestation of Conformity), specially defined for the storage of drinking water. The same applies with KTW standard for Germany. For the needs of other international countries, our bladders are manufactured using fabrics and equipments fir for human consumption. All meet the compliance test on conservation of liquid and on certificate of non migration of products from technical fabric to the stored liquid.  

  Water reserve for emergency humanitarian aid and development
  Water supply on isolated site, recovery of water sources.
  Industries & food process
  Drinking water bladder on military base. Water supply of military troops and security
  Drinking water storage on construction site, drilling site and mining
  Storage to address the seasonal failure of a supply network of drinking water or for the rehabilitation of water tower
  Buffer storage in mobile treatment plants
  Water storage in spas
Photo gallery
10 x 5 m3 - KTW water
50 m3 - Alimentary water
2 x 250 m3 - ACS water
250 m3 - ACS water
500 m3 - Drinking water
6 x 500 m3 - Alimentary water
2 x 15 m3 - ACS water
5 m3 - Alimentary water
10 m3 - Self-erecting open flexible tank
Cover for basin
Semi-buried flexible tank
Gutter covers


with the United Nations
and the NAMSA (NATO)
Our fire tanks doubly certified!

Master the fire risk of your municipality with a water reserve that has proven itself!