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More than just a manufacturer, Labaronne-Citaf is keen to support its customers in their projects – from the search for a customised solution to the commissioning of our flexible tanks. This is why, over the years, it has developed a specific service offer for liquid storage in order to satisfy its customers.

Customer support for maximum customer satisfaction

Labaronne-Citaf believes in the human touch. At all stages of the customer relationship, your contacts, our employees, are sensitive to your storage problems. And we are proud of this customer support, which has benefited more than 65,000 users worldwide!

Unequalled technical support

With recognised technical expertise in the liquid management sector, our technicians work alongside you and travel to your site if the project requires it. Our design office can advise you on your specific problems and offer you a more global solution.

After analysing your needs and space constraints, it designs optimised standard or 100% customised solutions for you. In parallel with this support, our engineers research and develop new processes to improve our products, and test them with the support of certified organisations or specialised partners, if necessary.


A unique referent at every step of your project

Commercial support is provided from the first contact via our website, chat or telephone. These different points of entry allow our clients to select the most appropriate method of communication for their situation, according to their wishes.

Depending on your country of origin, our export team will do its utmost to answer your questions, regardless of your language. And because we do not want robots to replace the men and women who make up our company, we have chosen to respond personally to chat requests.




Instant messaging





Installation & after-sales service: our customers’ favourite duo

As we are aware that flexibility raises questions about its longevity, and because we want to support our customers until they are fully able to use our products, we offer them support for installation, maintenance and repair.

A turnkey product

Despite being simple to install and use, our flexible storage solutions may require installation assistance, depending on the nature and complexity of your project. In France, our External Services division can then call on its team of technicians to install our products on site. In the rest of the world, we regularly coach our local partners to do the same. Their intervention guarantees you serenity and conformity of your new acquisition. But their role is also to intervene in the event of damage to our products.

Assistance when needed

Our After-Sales Service department brings together sales representatives and technicians to help you in the event of an accident, vandalism or other problems with your flexible tank. After analysing the incident, they will advise you on the most appropriate solution, whether it is a stand-alone repair, assisted repair or even a complete replacement of your storage.


A logistics service for deliveries all over the world

Whether in France or on the other side of the world, our customers need backup to get our French products to their site. To reassure them in their choice of our products, we organise with them a delivery in the best possible conditions.

A quality network

Labaronne-Citaf is a family company but also an international one!
Our network of partners, agents, distributors and resellers are located in more than fifty countries and are at your disposal to help you benefit from our flexible tanks, local services and other quality services.

Une équipe dédiée

At our headquarters, our Logistics Department manages and optimises the packaging and shipment of products to your home and to specified locations.
At the service of your orders, our team pays particular attention to the protection of the products, the smooth running of the transport and ensures that delivery deadlines are met. Their privileged relationship with all of our transport partners favours shipping conditions and assures you of the best service.

Possibility of financing in certain conditions


Although cheaper to buy than a rigid solution such as a concrete, stainless steel or metal tank (or even an underground tank), the flexible tank can be a significant expense for our customers. For a certain category of customers, financing can be offered.
Whether it is development aid in the agricultural, industrial or energy sector, our flexible tanks may be eligible as a low environmental impact storage solution.

Please consider finding out about the various grants that may be available in your country.


Do not hesitate to tell us about your project by e-mail, by phone or via the online contact form.
We will get back to you as soon as possible and find a tailor-made solution for your flexible storage needs!

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