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Store your agricultural or winery effluents

The Labaronne-Citaf flexible effluent tanks have been developed to meet the long-term regulatory constraints for storing farm and winery effluents.

For what type of effluent ?

Slurry, Digestate, Manure juice, White water, Washing water: our products are designed to store these effluents from the farm or vineyard

Manure juice



White water

Washing water

The benefits of the flexible tank for your effluents

Proven longevity

Proven longevity

High mechanical and thermal resistance. Anti-UV and anti-fungal treatment.



Containment of odours



Product adaptable to your project (dimensions, equipment...)



Specific technical fabric suitable for agricultural effluents

Effluent storage in detail

1. Control your effluent releases

Labaronnes-Citaf tanks are designed for long-term storage and meet the legal obligations to control discharges of agricultural effluents.

Our range of flexible tanks for the storage of effluents eliminates direct discharges into the natural environment and prevents pollution of water and groundwater through runoff and infiltration into the soil. It is suitable for aggressive and fermentable liquids thanks to a special double-sided lacquer finish.

Effluent storage in detail

2. Wastewater treatment: save money

The decree of 29 August 2023 on the uses and conditions of use of rainwater and treated wastewater (REUSE / REUT), has simplified the authorisation procedure for reuse for non-domestic use.

The flexible tank fits perfectly into the effluent treatment cycle. It has many advantages for the treatment of organic matter, slurry, multiple manure.

Reusing your effluents can make many savings! This allows you to reduce your fertilizer purchases (wastewater is rich in nutrients) and – by pairing it with a methanisation unit – you can create your own biogas energy source.

Effluent storage in detail

3. Mixed storage: equip your tank

When emptying the tank, it may be necessary to stir the liquid to properly homogenize the effluents and amendments. We offer you to equip your tank with a brewing unit, in order to avoid deposits and the risk of obstruction of the distribution networks. Mixing is carried out by recirculation with the slurry bin, the curing truck or a surface pump.

Our solutions for storing agricultural effluents

Our references for effluent installations

Discover some specific flexible storage projects for agricultural effluents

Detailed References

Self-supporting closed flexible tank – 2500 m3 - France

  • Objective :

    To optimize the activity for farmers, the tanks are located 15 km from the unit, on 2 different sites. These locations are close to the surrounding fields, the aim being for farmers to avoid having to go all the way to the methanization unit to fill their slurry tanker, and thus limit their travel during spreading periods. A considerable saving in time, money and logistics!

  • Reasons for their choice :

    For this type of agricultural project, our flexible tanks are the perfect solution: they are easy to install, even for very large volumes, and very robust thanks to a fabric adapted to the characteristics of farm effluents. It was partly for these reasons that the customer chose the flexible tank.

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Self-supporting closed flexible tank – 2500 m3
Detailed References

Self-supporting closed storage tank – 2500 m3 - Italie

  • Objective :

    For such a large volume of self-supporting flexible storage, our Italian customer asked us to work on this specific project. A volume of 2,500 m3 was required to store very large quantities of pig effluent, while waiting for the application periods on his farm.

    Our technical expertise and experience in this type of storage enabled us to bring this project to a successful conclusion, by providing this partner with a custom-built flexible tank of record capacity.

    All our teams were mobilized to agree on the design, manufacture and installation protocols, a collective effort required to achieve this technical feat.

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Standards & certifications

Certification Kiwa


Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Certification Reach


Fabriqué en France

FR Manufacturing

Expert opinion

Can I store greasy effluent in a flexible tank?

Christophe MIALON, Technico-Commercial

Some effluents such as whey or dairy water may naturally be greasier than other effluents stored in our tanks. It is therefore important to seek the opinion of the design office on the storage of this type of liquid, as this grease may cause deterioration of the tank over time by attacking the technical fabric.

To maximize the service life of your flexible tank, we also recommend installing hatches on the top of the tank to vacuum and remove the part in contact with the fabric.

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For detailed technical information on the advantages and use of the tank, the different equipment, and the installation recommendations, we invite you to download our Installation Guide specific to the storage of agricultural effluents.

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