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The flexible liquid fertilizer tanks manufactured by Labaronne-Citaf are designed for long-term storage of nitrogen and sulphur solutions. We offer you a complete range of products, tailor-made and adapted to the properties of the liquid fertilizer.

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We manufacture flexible liquid fertilizer storage solutions in compliance with European health and environmental regulations.

Labaronne-Citaf has been at the service of agriculture for more than 60 years.

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The advantages of the flexible tank for liquid fertilizer



The best value for money per m3 stored

Proven longevity

Proven longevity

High mechanical and thermal resistance. Anti-UV treatment.



Simple, fast, modular, mobile, no building permit



Tailor-made retention - adapted to your tank and site

Liquid fertilizer storage in detail

1. A flexible solution suitable for liquid fertilizer

In order to ensure robustness and longevity of our products, we have selected a technical fabric (EU origin) specific to liquid fertilizers of chemical origin (sulphur, nitrogen), which resists the aggressive properties of the fertilizer. Our flexible tanks made of PVC are protected with a two-sided anti-UV treatment.

Our liquid fertilizer tanks are also equipped with unique and secure PPG (glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene) equipment: a monobloc filling and emptying valve designed by our technical department, insensitive to the problems of seepage, rust, or cracking; a central degassing device, which facilitates the evacuation of air bubbles during filling.

Liquid fertilizer storage in detail

2. Compliance with strict legislation on the storage of agricultural fluids

In France, the Barnier Law of 1995 specifies that no obligation is laid down, but that imprudence or negligence on the part of the operator could constitute an offence in the event of pollution of the natural environment.

Depending on the total volume required, a storage facility must comply with the requirements of the Department’s Sanitary Regulations (RSD) if it is less than 100 m3. If its total capacity exceeds 100 m3, it may be subject to declaration or authorization under the ICPE (Classified Facilities for Environmental Protection).

In addition, our products for the storage of liquid fertilizers meet all the quality criteria of the European regulations and the recommendations of the French Ministry of Ecology of 14 December 2010 (letter of support) on the storage of liquid fertilizers in flexible tanks..

Liquid fertilizer storage in detail

3. Use both outdoors and indoors

Our flexible agricultural tanks allow liquid fertilizer to be stored both indoors and outdoors; they have been designed to withstand all weather conditions and temperatures. 

Their ease of implementation and robustness guarantee operators long-term use.

In order to dispose of the fertilizer at the right time, the choice of a storage solution that complies with regulatory and environmental requirements becomes a necessity.

Liquid fertilizer storage in detail

4. Retention: the safety accessory not to be neglected

Imposed by regulations in France but also in many other countries, we systematically recommend the installation of a retention system for all storage of nitrogen solutions. In the event of accidental spillage, such retention shall be such as to contain fertiliser and prevent contamination of soil and groundwater.It thus guarantees both the interests of the operator and the preservation of the environment.

In the form of a pit on a slope or a basin on a wall, these retention solutions are perfectly compatible with outdoor use. To prevent rainwater from accumulating, a pumping system can be integrated directly into the core of your holding system.

Our solutions for storing liquid fertilizers

Our references of liquid fertilizer installation

Discover some specific flexible storage projects for agricultural effluents

Detailed References

Liquid fertilizer – 99 m3 - France

Liquid fertilizer – 99 m3
Detailed References

Liquid fertilizer – 60 m3 - France

  • Objective :

    For his cereal crops in Burgundy-Franche Comté, this farmer installed a 60m3 flexible tank with retention to store liquid fertilizer. 

    The tank is located in an old cowshed and replaces an older, smaller tank that was previously used for storage.
    In this case, the existing walls were cleverly used to accommodate the retention tarpaulin and the tank.

    This kind of storage capacity means that fertilizer can be purchased when prices are at their lowest, whatever the time of year, and is available at the right time for spreading.

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Liquid fertilizer – 60 m3

Standards & certifications

Certification Reach


Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Fabriqué en France

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Expert opinion

How is our polypropylene monobloc valve more efficient than a traditional valve?

Alain Reigneux, Technico-Commercial

Developed exclusively by our technical department, the polypropylene monobloc valve is completely welded to its base to guarantee a perfect seal. 

When connected to the tank, the stress exerted by the users on the valve caused accelerated wear of the seal between the valve and the base. By welding the two parts together, the valve remains attached to its base and becomes completely hermetic. 

Lighter than stainless steel, polypropylene is also more resistant to corrosion. Our unique piece, tested and approved by our customers for more than ten years, has definitively eliminated the risk of leakage, thus offering our customers total peace of mind.

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