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Recover and store rainwater

Rainwater is a precious and strategic resource for many activities. The Labaronne Citaf flexible tank: the ideal solution for storing rainwater, whatever the desired volume and recovery capacity.

Rainwater storage, for which use of ?

Labaronne-Citaf can help you install a rainwater recovery, treatment and storage system.




The advantages of a flexible rainwater storage tank



The best value for money per m3 stored.

No evaporation

No evaporation

the volume stored is stable over time



Technical support: tailor-made project possible



Installation Simple, quick, modular, mobile, no planning permission required.

Rainwater harvesting in detail

1. Tailor-made flexible tanks

The flexible water tank is perfectly suited to rainwater harvesting

In addition to its "economic" advantage, rainwater undergoes no treatment and is therefore naturally "healthy". 

The materials we use are non-toxic: migration tests corresponding to the NF standard have been carried out by an external body (IANESCO). Storing rainwater in a Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank does not alter the quality of the water in any way, thanks to the technical characteristics of the fabric chosen.

Rainwater harvesting in detail

2. How do you collect rainwater? Quantity of water contained and dimensions of a flexible tank?

To find out how many litres of rainwater you can collect, it's essential to carry out a full diagnosis of your situation: annual rainfall, available space, water requirements, etc.

At this fundamental stage, our design office will analyse your project and work with you to size and optimise your rainwater harvesting system.

In the most remote areas where there is no water distribution network, rainwater harvesting in a flexible water tank is the ideal solution for independent access to large quantities of water. Other equipment can also be used.

Rainwater harvesting in detail

3. What equipment is needed to recover rainwater?

Our rainwater storage tanks can be equipped in different ways, depending on your uses. For example, you can combine your flexible rainwater harvesting tank with: a gutter collector, a water treatment system, filters, pumps, a water purification system, etc.

The impluvium, for example, is a heavy-duty rainwater harvesting tank connected to our cisterns. Primarily intended for shepherds working in the pastures, this system, designed for hilly areas, is an invaluable ally in collecting sufficient water reserves for their activities at the height of the season.

Rainwater harvesting in detail

4. Case study: using rainwater on a farm

Watch the replay of our webinar on "Water consumption in livestock farming: the opportunity of rainwater storage". This online conference, produced as part of the France Relance recovery plan and in partnership with Web-Agri, looks at water consumption needs in agriculture, and more specifically in the livestock sector. Among the 3 speakers, discover the testimony of one of our farmer customers who made his installation profitable in less than 7 years and tells the story of his project: from the study to the implementation of his rainwater recovery system, including the support of Labaronne-Citaf and the various benefits it has brought him.

Our water storage solutions

Our rainwater installation references

Discover some specific flexible storage projects for the recovery and storage of rainwater

Detailed References

Flexible rainwater harvesting tank 100 m3 - Chile

Flexible rainwater harvesting tank 100 m3

Standards & certifications



Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Certification Reach


Fabriqué en France

FR Manufacturing

Expert opinion

Is there a risk of the flexible tank altering the water stored?

Karen Lartigot, Directrice commerciale

One of the questions most asked of our teams concerns the alteration of stored liquids over the long term or even under certain temperatures.

Our fabrics comply with the REACH standard controlling the use of hazardous chemical substances in products. Laboratory tests also certify that there are insignificant interactions between the fabrics and the water stored in our tanks. Our technical fabrics can also withstand extreme outside temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C, without altering the stored liquid. The liquid will remain at around room temperature

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For detailed technical information on the advantages and use of the tank, the different equipment and installation recommendations, we invite you to download our Installation Guide specific to rainwater storage and recovery.

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