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The different types of applications of a flexible tank

Innovative, economical and environmentally friendly, our flexible products are suitable for all types of liquids and gases and can reach volumes of up to 2000 m3 in self-supporting capacity and up to 10,000 m3 in semi-buried capacity.

Prérequi en matière d’installation d’entretien et de maintenance de nos citernes souples

All our applications

Labaronne-Citaf offers a complete range of products covering a wide range of applications.

We have a great deal of expertise in flexible storage solutions, whether for water recovery, fire protection, effluent management, liquid fertilizer preservation, fuel storage or liquid storage in general. In fact, we specialise in many fields of activity such as agriculture, construction, humanitarian and environmental.

Known for their strength and long life span (+20 years), our products are designed with technical fabrics, high tenacity and anti-UV treatment, to guarantee maximum durability. Made in France or Europe, these textiles are adapted to each application and take into account the chemical and specific components of each liquid stored.

Whatever your project, you will find a suitable storage solution.

Regardless of the liquid stored, Labaronne-Citaf products guarantee:

Perfect waterproofing

Perfect waterproofing

No evaporation of the liquid, limits the spread of odours

Liquid preservation

Liquid preservation

without contact with the air and without the risk of evaporation

A robust, reliable and proven solution in extreme weather conditions

A robust, reliable and proven solution in extreme weather conditions

Fabric and specific equipment, resistant to temperatures between -30°C and +70°C

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