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Since 1958, we have been committed to offering you effective solutions for storing water in our flexible tanks, whether rainwater or any other type of water. Water is a precious resource, and we offer you solutions to preserve it.

Water storage, for which use of ?

Labaronne-Citaf has been the company's core business since 1958, offering a wide range of flexible solutions for water storage (rainwater, spring water, raw water, etc.).




Market gardening

The advantages of a flexible water storage tank



The best value for money per m3 stored

No evaporation

No evaporation

The volume stored is stable over time



Technical support: tailor-made projects possible



Simple, quick, modular, mobile installation, no planning permission required.

Water storage in detail

1. our flexible tank solutions for water storage

At Labaronne-Citaf, we've always had a special relationship with water and the issues it raises. 

To preserve it, we provide professionals and private individuals with equipment that meets their various storage needs.

Also known as a tank or reservoir, the Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank is a storage solution in the form of a self-supporting, opaque and closed flexible tarpaulin. This bag is made from a high-tenacity polyester technical fabric, making it perfectly watertight. Our water tanks can store large quantities of liquid, up to 2,000 m3 above ground and up to 10,000 m3 in the semi-underground version.

Water storage in detail

2. Why invest in a flexible tank?

The flexible water tank is a practical, environmentally-friendly storage solution. 

By making the most of the water it collects, the water tank offers a degree of autonomy and proves to be a judicious ally, particularly in the face of regional restrictions introduced in response to the acceleration of global warming..

Depending on your profile, your project and your needs (collecting, storing, purifying or redistributing your water and rainwater), our design office will offer you the most appropriate and comprehensive solution, with the right equipment: tie-down harnesses, different types of valves, connection systems, etc.

Water storage in detail

3. A fast, customisable and environmentally-friendly solution

Quick to deploy and easy to transport, the Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank can be installed in less than an hour and is immediately operational for filling or recovering water.

Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks can also be combined with numerous accessories (pumps, hydroponic watering system, filtration system, etc.) and/or connected together.

When it comes to installation, the flexible tank can be laid on the ground outside, or in a crawl space, under a terrace or any other hard-to-reach area.

The only requirement: A perfectly flat, clean and stable surface.

Water storage in detail

4. Labaronne-Citaf products: the highest level of safety

The storage of liquids - and particularly the storage of water - is subject to strict rules that we take very seriously when designing our flexible tanks. That's why all Labaronne-Citaf products comply with existing French and European standards, to ensure maximum safety. Our entire manufacturing process is audited and certified annually to ISO 9001 by qualified professionals. 

What's more, we use IANESCO-approved coated polyester for the manufacture of our flexible water tanks, to ensure perfectly safe storage with no transfer of substances (no migration from the product to the stored liquid).

Our water storage solutions

Our water installation references

Discover some specific flexible water storage projects

Detailed References

Water storage – 1500 m3 - Spain

  • Objective :

    This farming family collects water from a spring close to the farm, and stores it in their 1500 m3 flexible tank to irrigate their land with drip irrigation from October to April.

  • Reasons for their choice :

    With its large storage capacity, easy installation and rational use of water, this system enables them to meet the needs of their crops.

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Water storage – 1500 m3
Detailed References

Rainwater – 100 m3 - Chile

  • Objective :

    On this farm, the stored water comes from the greenhouse roofs. It is collected by a gutter collector connected to the roof and to the cistern, where it is stored for use in the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables, depending on the season. An irrigation system is then connected directly to the flexible cistern at the outlet.

  • Reasons for their choice :

    This project, set up thanks to the work of our distributor Grupo DELSANTEK and its local partner Agua y Riego, enables this farmer to produce in greater quantity and variety, while using a natural resource such as rainwater.

    Thanks to all these stakeholders, such installations are now possible and accessible for Chilean farms. This is a considerable contribution for small farmers, not only in diversifying their consumption but also in developing their business, with greater variety and better quality products.

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Rainwater – 100 m3
Detailed References

Self-supporting closed flexible tank – 100 m3 - France

  • Objective :

    This 100 m3 cistern was installed in the mountains, to supply water to the sheep troughs near the sanctuary of Notre-Dame de La Salette.

    The water is pumped from an old municipal reservoir below. It is then pumped up into the mountains and stored in a 100 m3 flexible tank. The stored water then flows by gravity into the basins and troughs located a few meters below.


  • Reasons for their choice :

    In mountainous, steep or difficult-to-access environments, the flexible cistern is an ideal solution for storing water, whatever the use, not least because of its ease of installation. This is one of the reasons why the customer chose the flexible cistern for this project, in addition to the product’s robustness.

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Detailed References

Flexible rainwater harvesting tank 100 m3 - Chile

Flexible rainwater harvesting tank 100 m3
Detailed References

Water tank 115 m3 - Millère Valley

  • Objective :

    Restore the biodiversity of this wetland, under the impetus of reporter and environmental activist Yann Arthus Bertrand in 2021 – 115 m3

    In 2022, his son Tom will join him in this adventure, designing an educational garden designed to educate and raise awareness of ecology through the world of agriculture and plants. 

    6 months ago, we installed a 115 m3 rainwater storage tank, which will be used to irrigate the trees and plants in the educational garden. A great project to raise awareness of the urgent need to protect biodiversity.

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Water tank 115 m3

Standards & certifications



Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Certification Reach


Fabriqué en France

FR Manufacturing

Expert opinion

Can a flexible tank alter the water stored in it?

Benoît Balandras, Chairman of Labaronne-Citaf

One of the questions most frequently asked of our teams concerns the alteration of stored liquids over the long term or even under certain temperatures.

Our fabrics comply with the REACH standard controlling the use of hazardous chemical substances in products. Laboratory tests also certify that there are insignificant interactions between the fabrics and the water stored in our tanks. Our technical fabrics can also withstand extreme outside temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C, without altering the stored liquid. The liquid will remain at around room temperature

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