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Have a flexible fire reserve for your buildings

Fire water tarpaulin, flexible tank for the storage of fire reserves, the protection of buildings against fire risks requires reliable and proven infrastructures, dedicated to the rapid supply of water.

What kind of fire reserve

Labaronne-Citaf flexible fire tanks comply with the requirements of La Défense Extérieure Contre l’Incendie (D.E.C.I) and are certified by a specialized organization: The CSTB

A certification needed to provide a reliable and fast water supply to firefighters to fight fires.


Fire Extinguishing Water

Sprinkler System

The advantages of the flexible tank for fire reserve



Up to 40% more economical than a rigid storage solution*



Simple, fast, modular without building permit



Water volume suitable and available at any time for Firefighters



The water is safe from air, light and any contamination that prevents the development of algae

The flexible fire tank in detail

1. Fire protection: what you need to know

The flexible fire reserve tank is indispensable in isolated areas or in an area where the water network is insufficient. It is also a relevant urban and industrial fire protection solution when creating commercial areas (fire tank for ZAC) or a pavilion area, from the expansion of a factory to the rapid upgrading of an agricultural or industrial building to standards. Flexible tanks can also act as a relay storage during a Forest Fire Defence (DFCI) intervention.

The flexible fire tank in detail

2. Labaronne-Citaf, a pioneer in fire safety solutions

Depuis 1969, Labaronne-Citaf se penche sur la problématique de la lutte contre les incendies, et travaille en collaboration avec les Services de Sécurité Incendie pour élaborer des produits efficaces et sécurisés.

Since 1969, Labaronne-Citaf has been working on the issue of firefighting, working in collaboration with the Fire Safety Services to develop effective and safe products.

With this in mind, our company decided in 2017 to encourage the state to adopt a standard applicable to flexible fire tanks, with the aim of regulating the quality, reliability and performance of manufacturing. The first French standard in this field: standard NF S62-250. A true French and international reference, Labaronne-Citaf is the first manufacturer to offer 100% secure storage (volume checked, dimensions validated, resistance and equipment tested).

The flexible fire tank in detail

3. Reliable and nearby water storage to protect buildings and people

This type of flexible tank can be installed in a residential, forestry, commercial or even industrial area in order to fight fires. 

The installation of a DECI flexible water tank meets several challenges:

  • In an isolated area or in an area where the network is inadequate
  • Urban and industrial fire protection during the creation of commercial areas or a pavilion area, the expansion of a factory or the rapid upgrading of an agricultural or industrial building
  • Storage relay on intervention, Defense against forest fires DFCI
  • Refuelling, recovery of effluents, storage of life-based hydrocarbons
  • Storage of drinking water, emulsifiers, extinguishing water
The flexible fire tank in detail

4. Labaronne-Citaf advises and accompanies you

Perhaps you’ve heard of “above-ground aspiration”, or “above-freeze aspiration”? Depending on the location available and the recommendations made to you by the emergency services, you can opt for two different types of suction:

  • The “Off-Ground” type suction, with direct connection: for a quick-operating tank,
  • The so-called "underground" or "out-of-freeze" suction, with connection from the bottom: allows a remote suction outlet (via an elbow or a fire pole) and protection of the equipment against freezing.

Depending on the particularity of each project, Labaronne-Citaf advises you and offers you a complete fire reserve: type of equipment, type of suction, type of remote outlet...We also offer you a turnkey solution by ensuring the installation, which allows you to guarantee its conformity.

Our solutions for storing water for fire protection

Our references of fire reserve installation

Discover some specific projects of flexible storage for fire reserves (DECI)

Detailed References

Self-supporting closed storage tank – 500 m3 - France

  • Objective :

    For such a volume, 5 standard diameter fire hydrants are normally required. But to meet the customer’s request for larger-than-standard diameter hydrants, the tank was manufactured with just 3 custom-made suction outlets.

    The aim was to make it easier for the fire department to intervene in the event of a fire, with fewer connections and greater flow to the hydrants.

    For this type of specific installation, our technical expertise in manufacturing and installation is essential to ensure that the equipment is viable and meets SDIS standards.

    Installation time: 4h – 1 morning.

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Self-supporting closed storage tank – 500 m3
Detailed References

Flexible fire tank 3 x 300 m3 - Champfromier

  • Objective :

    Complementary fire defense for the commune

  • Reasons for their choice :

    Why Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks?

    “In terms of cost and environmental impact, we chose the flexible tank. […] Labaronne-Citaf came to study the installation, the terrain, the distance… the most logical and efficient solution for installing the tanks”.

    20 years ago, our teams installed 3 300 m3 #DECI tanks in this Ain commune. These flexible water storage tanks, which were among the first to be used for fire protection, are still in place today and in perfect working order.

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Standards & certifications

Certification QB


Certification ISO 9001

ISO 9001

Certification Reach


Certification NF


Fabriqué en France

FR Manufacturing

Expert opinion

How do our anti-vortex optimise the emptying of our tanks?

Christophe MIALON, Technico-Commercial

Our valves are equipped with anti-vortex to prevent the suction of the fabric when the tank is emptied. Designed and developed by our Design Office, their unique shape also guarantees a constant flow to emergency services, even at the end of emptying. 

Our anti-vortex are now available in polypropylene or stainless steel, which are more resistant over time. Both have proved their worth on our many references. 

(Every year, more than 400 Labaronne-Citaf fire tanks are endorsed by SDIS.)

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