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Entrepreneurship, invention, engineering and technology are at the heart of Labaronne-Citaf history. Discover here the story of Labaronne-Citaf and the one of its flagship product, the flexible tank.

A corporate culture at the service of performance

Today more than ever, man has a duty to optimize the use of his energies and resources.
This challenge has been our vocation at Labaronne-Citaf for more than sixty years.

Expertise, Excellente et Confiance

Labaronne-Citaf, supplier to major NGOs for 30 years

Labaronne-Citaf offers a complete range of flexible solutions for humanitarian emergencies, development assistance missions, peacekeeping missions and reconstruction missions.

In the face of humanitarian crises, Labaronne-Citaf offers a safe solution by organising its production to respond quickly to needs: manufacture of flexible tanks by express, emergency management with stock, supply of complete kits (mobile drinking water treatment units, rainwater recovery, latrines, distribution ramps, engineering, etc.).

because the big rivers are born out of small streams...

Labaronne-Citaf’s challenge is to be able to support a project of general interest each year.

Aware of this state of emergency, we wish to contribute to the preservation of water, which is the Earth’s most precious resource.

Find our various sponsorship actions HERE :

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A committed society at the service of people and the environment

Labaronne-Citaf was created with the aim of meeting the water needs of people and the environment in the most isolated regions. True to its DNA, our company has preserved its philanthropic and naturophile soul over the generations.

Une société engagée, au service de l’homme et de l’environnement
Engagée pour la protection de l’eau

Committed to the protection of water

Our first fight since the beginningAs an advocate for the development of rainwater harvesting systems and the optimization of water use in industry and agriculture, we support local associations and NGOs around the world that are facing this problem.

Engagée pour la préservation de l’environnement

Committed to the preservation of the environment

We are all in love with our flagship product (the flexible self-supporting tank) for all the qualities and uses that this small “rustic” invention can inspire, and we optimise our products so that they have a maximum lifespan – even under difficult conditions. Our goal: to design products that make life easier for our customers in their tasks, missions or commitments.

As a result of its activities, Labaronne-Citaf is increasingly involved in environmental projects. Many of our clients turn to our Design Office, an expert in liquid storage, to come up with ideas designed to preserve our planet.

Engagée pour les droits humains

Committed to Human Rights

Working in France, with local suppliers, in the right working and manufacturing conditions are paramount for us.

Human rights are not limited to our continent, and for several years we have been engaged in another fight, linked to that of water: to provide access to water and sanitation throughout the world. Indeed, access to decent living conditions is a lever for sustainable health, social and economic development.

Did you know?

Naturally rooted in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach for over 60 years, we improve our methods every year. Discover some of our concrete actions on this page dedicated to our CSR policy.

Our CSR policy

The objective of this approach is above all to communicate transparently to our clients and partners what Labaronne-Citaf does: its thoughts, its stakes and its actions so that our activities and products do not become a problem over time.

CSR: Labaronne-Citaf is committed to quality, social and environmental issues

The objective of this approach is above all to communicate transparently to our clients and partners what Labaronne-Citaf does: its thoughts, its stakes and its actions so that our activities and products do not become a problem over time.

Here, you can find a list of current and future concrete actions

RSE : Labaronne-Citaf s’engage sur la qualité, le social et l’environnement
Les initiatives qualité et environnementales

Quality and Environmental Initiatives

Labaronne-Citaf's main responsibility is to offer its customers flexible storage solutions of the highest quality. When used by NGOs, firefighters or the military, our products, wherever they are installed, become vital work tools.

But beyond the human, societal and safety aspects of our users, we are also committed to reducing our environmental footprint.

Quality Requirement & Environmental Responsibility

  • ISO 9001 Certification since 2009: Striving for ever higher quality in the production of our products and services offered to the company's clients.
  • Quality Control: Purchase and/or manufacturing of materials that meet national safety standards (no substance migration, criteria for robustness and durability, environmental criteria, 100% recyclable fabrics, etc.)
  • Waste Reduction: Cutting machine and associated software to minimize fabric waste production.
  • Responsible Actions in Everyday Life: Cleaning days (physical and digital), water savers, temperature regulation in the premises, black & white printing, etc.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions or would like to share suggestions or comments, please feel free to send an email to contact@citaf.eu.

Sponsorship at Labaronne-Citaf

"For it is from small streams that great rivers are born..."
The challenge Labaronne-Citaf sets itself is to support – each year – a project of general interest.

"Four out of ten people suffer from water scarcity in the world,"
according to the United Nations, which predicts a likely deterioration in the future due to climate change. Aware of this urgent state, Labaronne-Citaf aims to contribute to the preservation of water, which is becoming the Earth's rarest and most precious resource.

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