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Labaronne-Citaf has created the brand Atexen®, with products in textile architecture, specifically for the protection of the environment.


Cause the environment is the challenge of many concerns, Labaronne-Citaf decides to extend its range of products in partnership with the company Wiefferink.

Since 2009, ATEXEN® (TEXtile Architecture for the ENvironment) offers a wide range of flexible solutions to meet large-scale projects and environmental issues: storage with integrated brewing, covers for basins, gas storage, etc. New products thus complement the wide range of flexible storage solutions recognized for almost 60 years.

Cause the biogas represents an axis of strong development, Atexen® positioned itself naturally as the French specialist of the manufacture and installation of flexible solutions. Whether for liquid digestate storage, flexible digester, single and double skin cover, gasholder, the Atexen® team supports its customers in their biogas projects.

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Product derived from our flexible retention tanks, our washing area or chemical stripping area, is an economical retention solution for the protection of the Environment.



Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

Soft bag for manure storage

Flexible tank for rainwater recovery

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