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Labaronne-Citaf is pioneer in the design of flexible and innovative solutions tailored to industrial requirements.


For 30 years, in collaboration with several manufacturers, Labaronne-Citaf teams design made to measured flexible tanks from technical fabrics suited to different types of storage, whether temporary or permanent.

Beyond the single flexible tank, the Studies office developed many flexible solutions for industrial storage. Our designers study each specific demand and work with you on your storage, retention or protection projects.

Whether for water or liquids considered as dangerous such as fuels (diesel, fuel, kerosene), mineral oils, chemicals, process liquids (deionized water, lubricants …), effluents (leachate, wastewater, sewage sludge…) or alterable air materials (latex, glue, paint…) – each liquid has its own characteristics that are considered in the study of your request.

Our products are checked, tested and guarantee the protection of resources, people and environment.
Thanks to its continued improvement, Labaronne-Citaf is the only manufacturer of both approved CSTBat (Quality Guarantee & Security in the Building) and ISO. These quality requirements allow us to be referenced and recognized by industrial professionals (Colas, Bouygues, Veolia,…).

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Also called bladder, cover, flexible pouch or flexible container, the flexible tank is a self-supporting flexible storage which is more economical and practical than a rigid tank..



Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

Soft bag for manure storage

NRBC flexible retention tank

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