Entrepreneurship, invention, engineering and technology are at the heart of Labaronne-Citaf history. Discover here the story of Labaronne-Citaf and the one of its flagship product, the flexible tank.

At the beginning of the company, the flexible tank. Also called bladder, soft cover, flexible pouch or flexible container, the flexible tank is a means of flexible storage for liquid which is more economical and practical than a rigid reserve. Once filled, it looks like a large “pillow” which explains its common name of “pillow tank”.

The first self-supporting flexible tank (Patent No. 1,460,825) was carried out in Algeria in the 50s, by the CITAF company founder, Mr André Labaronne. At that time, it aimed at offering convenient solutions to store rainwater against evaporation and pollution. Events related to the independence of this country will force him to return to France, where he installed his company near Tours. In 1972, his son Jacques moved the head office in Vienne (Isère).

Since then, the company left the family business. In 2011, Labaronne-Citaf moves its headquarter in Pont-Eveque, a few kilometers from Vienne, on a site of 8000 m² – including 7 000 m of production workshop and 1 000 m² of offices. From there, over 3000 flexible tanks are made every year.

Over the years, the company has strengthened its expertise and is now expanding in markets such as Civil Security, Armed forces, Humanitarian Organizations, Communities, Agriculture, Industry, Construction and Environment whether in France or abroad.

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