A corporate culture serving Performance

Our values

Today more than ever, humans must optimise their use of energies and resources.
This challenge has been our vocation at Labaronne-Citaf for over sixty years.

Expertise, Excellence and Confidence

Strong of our history and skills, we are proud to offer reliable storage solutions, adapted to each client.


Advanced expertise, fuelled by curiosity and innovation

At Labaronne-Citaf, we are proud to be a manufacturer-seller and not just a supplier. Research & development, innovation, prototyping and customisation of solutions are therefore fundamental values in our core business.
It is in this quest for ” researcher “, always enthusiastic about the idea of enriching ourselves through contact with others and new technologies, that we are involved in several projects to develop or co-develop new products.

Customer service Excellence and Professional reliability

Mindful of the challenges faced by our professional clientele – as we ourselves evolve in the BtoB environment – Labaronne-Citaf’s vocation has always been to design quality products that evolve and last over time, despite their intensive use.
At Labaronne-Citaf, we strive for excellence in all our services: advice, expertise, manufacturing, logistics, maintenance, after-sales service…
This is why we take our continuous improvement approach to heart, so that we can serve you better.


A mutual trust relationship, a family spirit

As a family business, Labaronne-Citaf has always had an ethos of building relationships based on trust with its stakeholders: whether it be with our employees, our suppliers, our resellers… or our end customers. Our leitmotiv: partnerships rather than transactions!
Our goal is not to sell the cheapest solution on the market, but to create solutions adapted to our customers’ current and future problems. This is why we accompany and advise you throughout the life of our products: from the project design phase, to the installation of our products, and even later, during your years of use.

A company committed to serving both people and environment

Labaronne-Citaf was born with the aim of providing for the needs of people and the environment in the most isolated regions. Faithful to its DNA, our company has preserved its philanthropic and naturophile soul over the generations.


Committed to the protection of water

Our first fight since the beginning! Unfortunately, the problem of water resources is growing decade by decade and the stakes are getting higher.

Campaigning for the development of rainwater harvesting systems and the optimisation of water use in industry and agriculture, we support local associations and NGOs throughout the world that are facing this problem.


Committed to the preservation of the environment

All in love with our flagship product (the self-supporting flexible tank) for all the qualities and uses that this small “rustic” invention can inspire, we optimise our products so that they have a maximum lifespan – even in difficult conditions – and so that they can facilitate the life of our customers in their tasks, missions or commitments.
Because of its activities, Labaronne-Citaf is increasingly involved in environmental projects. Many of our clients call upon our Design Office, experts in liquid storage, to bring to fruition ideas aimed at preserving our Planet.


Committed to Human Rights

Working in France, with local partners and with correct working and manufacturing conditions are key points for us. Our SME is based on an egalitarian social model, and our CSE is very attentive to the fact that the rights of all of us, employees, are respected.
But Human Rights are not limited to our continent, and we have been involved for several years in another battle, linked to that of water: providing access to water and sanitation throughout the world, because access to decent living conditions is a lever for sustainable, medical, social and economic development.

Did you know that?

Naturally anchored in a RSC approach for over 60 years, we improve our methods every year.

Discover some of our concrete actions on this page dedicated to our social responsibility policy.

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