Flexible transport tank

Flexible tanks may also be intended for liquid transport. A specific range has been designed and tested to safely withstand the stress in transit.

Flexible transport tank

Easily installed on a flat bed truck, a bucket, a ship/barge or aircraft, the flexible transport tank avoids renting or immobilizing devices. You convey your liquid at a given point. Once the tank emptied and collapsed, your space is available again and your tank reusable .

The tank dedicated to transport is equipped with fixing harness so as to withstand the stresses of movement. They can be integral to the tank or independent.


  • Transport of drinking water on operation to supply military, humanitarian and industrial base camps
  • Transport of liquid fertilizer and water for irrigation
  • Transport of water on drilling site and base camps
  • Transport of chemical liquid and latex


  • Economical storage
  • High mechanical strength and abrasion resistance
  • Simply and quickly implementation
  • Closed storage ensuring the integrity of the liquid
  • Easy, reliable and proven fastening system
  • Foldable, compact and light

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