Self-erecting open flexible tank

Our self-erecting basins or open flexible tanks are ideal for an intermediate storage to another storage sytem.


Commonly called onion tank, the self-erecting basin consists of a bead foam or inflatable (upper part), ensuring its retention. Compact and completely foldable, he moved quickly on all operations of land and is easily transported from one site to another. It requires no maintenance and can be bended or easily stored.


  • Water storage relay for fire safety storage
  • Recovery of effluents
  • Water storage on drilling site
  • Settling basin on processing unit
  • Drinking water storage before distribution
  • Buffer storage


  • Economical storage
  • Minimum groundwork
  • Easy access to liquid
  • Simply and quickly implementation
  • Easily movable
  •  Emptying and cleaning easier by the large opening
  • Foldable, compact and light
  • High resistance and long lasting life


Flexible tanks for fighting forest fires

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