Self supporting closed flexible tank

Also known as a bladder tank, pillow tank or flexi-bag, the self-supporting closed flexible tank is a flexible storage solution with lots of functionalities and advantages, both practical and economical.

Labaronne-Citaf self-supporting closed flexible tanks

Closed, self-supporting flexible tanks are liquid storage tanks, which, when filled, look like large pillows. This is also why they are sometimes referred to as “pillow tanks”.

manufacturer and inventor of high-resistance flexible storage

The manufacturing process for our tanks consists of assembling strips of technical fabrics using high frequency welding. These fabrics are composed of a polyester weft (a frame guaranteeing their strength), coated with PVC or PU and protected with an anti-UV treatment on both sides.

Inventor of the flexible tank, our manufacturing methods and choices have evolved with the sole aim of offering the best storage for your liquids. We offer you suitable fabrics, which we select and develop with French and European companies, according to the technical characteristics of each liquid. These fabrics are also certified to comply with the regulations in force in the sectors with which we work, and guarantee the longevity of your flexible storage.

The advantages of flexible storage tanks

Thanks to the know-how we have been applying for over 60 years, the Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks offers many benefits:

  • Prevents the evaporation of liquids contained in the tank
  • Avoids external contamination of liquids or the development of algae inside the tank
  • Safety guaranteed by eliminating the risk of falling and drowning, which is still possible with an open solution
  • More economical solution than hard or underground storage
  • Limited maintenance
  • Very strong and built to last (more than 20 years)
  • Quick installation
  • With no need for a building permit
  • Manufactured in France (100% Made in France)
  • Integrated design department to best adapt our products to your expectations

Storage solutions adapted to different applications


Fire tanks

Raw water storage


Drinking water storage


Storage of agricultural, viticultural and industrial effluents


Liquid fertiliser storage


Storage of mineral oils
and fuels


Prerequisites for installation, care and maintenance of our flexible tanks

Our flexible tanks and self-mounting basins are very easy to install. They do not require any special maintenance or upkeep.

In addition, Labaronne-Citaf provides its customers with a service dedicated to the installation, maintenance and rental of its equipment: MIL (maintenance, installation and rental). Thanks to our team of qualified technicians, we support and assist you throughout your project, from installation to maintenance of your tank.

Example of volumes available for our flexible storage tanks

We offer a wide range of volumes adapted to your needs.
Specialists in tailor-made solutions, we will advise you on the best volume according to your project and the liquid storage application.
Our equipment and our know-how allow us to manufacture tanks up to 2,000 m³.

Here are some of the standard models we offer:

Firefighting tanks 30 m³, 60 m³ ou 120 m³ or 240 m³
Water tanks 20 m³, 50 m³, 100 m³, 200 m³ or 300 m³
Drinking water tanks 10 m³, 50 m³ or 100 m³
Liquid fertiliser tanks 30 m³, 60 m³, 80 m³, 100 m³ or 250 m³


Here are some of our videos related to self-supporting closed flexible tanks.
To view all of our videos and reports, visit our Youtube page.


Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

Flexible tanks for defense

Soft bag for manure storage

Liquid fertilizer flexible tank

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