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Referenced to the UN at level 2 and supplier of the main NGOs for 30 years, Labaronne-Citaf offers complete solutions for engagement in humanitarian emergencies, development aid missions, peacekeeping and reconstruction missions in all areas of operation.

Our flexible solutions for drinking water storage


Inventor of the flexible tank, Labaronne-Citaf is the world leader in flexible storage.

For more than 60 years, our teams have been innovating to offer you a specific range of flexible drinking water tanks, meeting the most stringent health standards for water consumption.

The closed flexible tank: the simple and secure solution for drinking water storage

Today, a plethora of solutions exist on the market to constitute a water reserve. Whether one chooses one of the ancestral processes for developing natural basins or whether one chooses to build a hard tank, tank installation is accompanied by environmental constraints, earthworks and logistics that are quite cumbersome to implement. In addition, conservation standards are becoming more and more stringent.

Quick to deploy, easily transportable and environmentally friendly, Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks can be installed in less than an hour and thus be operational immediately for filling or recovering rainwater. Agri-food, humanitarian aid, isolated sites, spas and spring water recovery, building and public works (BPW), drilling, supply of army troops, firefighting, etc. Each of our customers, whatever the country, has secure storage that meets current standards.

The many advantages of the closed flexible tank for the storage of drinking water

For potable water and/or drinking water, our solutions guarantee you patented, reliable and robust equipment for the long term:

  • No risk of contamination, oxidation or evaporation of the liquid
  • Perfect seal (prevents the proliferation of algae, mosquitoes, etc.)
  • Two-sided anti-UV treatment
  • Very strong (suitable for temperatures ranging from -30ºC to +70ºC)
  • Built to last (more than 20 years)
  • Secure equipment (no risk of falling and drowning)
  • Simple, quick installation, with no need for a building permit
  • Light, foldable and modular product
  • Reusable, transportable and heli-portable tank
  • Most affordable storage per m³ installed
  • 100% French manufacture, ISO 9001 certified
  • 100% recyclable fabrics, compliant with the REACH directive
  • ACS approved
  • IANESCO accreditation

Drinking and potable water: safety first

Recovering and storing drinking water and preserving it in a healthy environment requires reliable, lasting solutions. The preservation and conservation of this vital resource, known as “blue gold” due to its scarcity, have become a major global issue, both ecologically and strategically.

Recognised and used by the main players in the humanitarian world, our tanks and flexible tanks intended for the supply and treatment of drinking water are made from materials meeting European requirements specific to human consumption (physico-chemical and antimicrobial).


A range of patented, certified and guaranteed products

In France, Labaronne-Citaf offers water storage solutions that meet ACS requirements, specially designed for the storage of drinking water. The same is true with the KTW standard for Germany. For the needs of other countries, our flexible tanks are manufactured using fabrics and equipment suitable for human consumption.
For each type of fluid, and particularly for water and drinking water, we adapt the fabric of our containers (high tenacity polyester) with the most efficient coating to prevent the formation of microorganisms. All our technical fabrics meet the compliance test for the conservation of the liquid and the IANESCO certificate for the non-migration of products from the fabric to the stored liquid, even in the case of long-term storage. This means that Labaronne-Citaf tanks protect your water from any external pollution, without deteriorating.

Flexible storage: the practical, economical and ecological alternative

Choosing a self-supporting closed flexible tank or an open tank (self-supporting or on a frame) to store water means choosing a complete solution, precisely meeting your capacity needs, for the collection, treatment and distribution of drinking water in the best conditions.

A multitude of uses according to your needs

  • Water storage for emergency humanitarian and development aid,
  • Isolated site water supply, spring water recovery,
  • Industrial and agri-food processes,
  • Supply of military and security troops,
  • Drinking water tank on site facilities and camps,
  • Drinking water storage on building and public works (BTW) sites, drilling and mining sites,
  • Relay storage to compensate for the seasonal failure of a drinking water supply network or during the repair of a water tower,
  • Buffer storage in mobile treatment stations,
  • Water storage in spas.
500 m3-Eau potable sur base vie

Good to know: Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks can also be combined with numerous accessories (pumps, filtration systems, etc.) and/or connected together (for example, water purification units).

Quick and easy to use

The majority of our flexible tanks are foldable when empty, transportable and are easily reusable for another use. They do not require any specific maintenance. A flexible tank for water storage can be installed in less than an hour. The only requirement is a flat surface, with no rough edges and the right dimensions. We provide all the additional equipment necessary for the harnessing of our product.

An environmentally friendly solution

Our products are very strong and built to last (more than 20 years), even after several uses. Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks are ultra-strong and resistant to shocks, earthquakes, temperature changes and UV. At the end of their life, the fabrics we use are 100% recyclable.

Labaronne-Citaf, a player committed to combating water shortages

Drought, aridity, lack of water, water stress, rural exodus, and so on. All over the world, the lack of water increasingly affects lifestyles, production methods and tensions between countries.

Having been a supplier to the main NGOs for 30 years, Labaronne-Citaf has decided to take its involvement to the next level, each year supporting one of our partners involved in safeguarding blue gold throughout the poorest regions of our planet. It is also important for us to take care of our local environment, which is why we continue to simultaneously take action within our territory.

Are you interested in actions to preserve the water resources of our dear blue planet?

Discover our patronage actions around the world

Watch the report of our partner, the NGO “Electriciens sans frontière” (Electricians Without Borders)

Choose a reliable and committed leader, recognised worldwide

Inventor of the flexible tank, Labaronne-Citaf manufactures more than 3000 tanks per year for countries around the world, and for all types of organisations and communities. Present in more than 50 countries, Labaronne-Citaf products have been supporting a variety of different trades and professions for more than 60 years (humanitarian, civil protection, agriculture, communities, armed forces, industry and public works, environment, etc.), which continue to place their trust in us.

Do you have a tailor-madeproject? Our design office, with its wealth of experience, will design a solution that is 100% adapted to your needs, however specific they may be. Our engineers have experience of complex contexts and difficultenvironmentalconstraints, and feedback from the NGOs with which we work. They will know how to develop and perfect the product corresponding to your expectations. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

World Water Day 2017

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