Fire Fighting Storage

Protecting buildings against fire risks require proven and reliable infrastructure, dedicated to the rapid water supply.

Labaronne-Citaf Fire Fighting Storage

As a promoter of steps to develop the first French standard for flexible firefighting tanks, Labaronne-Citaf has been manufacturing water storage systems for firefighters for more than 25 years, to provide them with a reliable and rapid water supply to fight fires, and thus protect people and buildings.

Fire control: what you need to know

In Europe and in many other countries, the development of preventive water points to fight fires is becoming normalized. In the event of an accident, firefighters are thus assured of having the necessary volume of water available. This volume must be accessible at all times by the firefighters and positioned in one place, so that the fire intervention teams do not have to carry out additional manoeuvres.

A flexible firefighting storage tank is an essential element in isolated areas or in a sector where the water network is insufficient. It is also a relevant fire control solution for urban and industrial settings when creating commercial premises (fire water tank for mixed development areas (ZAC) or a suburban area, or when rapidly upgrading a factory to the standards for an agricultural or industrial building. The flexible tanks can also act as relay storage when the forest fire control unit is required to intervene.

The flexible tank, a piece of equipment with many advantages

The distribution network and natural water points do not meet all the needs or constraints expressed by the departmental fire and rescue services, and so flexible tanks remain the most suitable solution to meet the required specifications.

The fire tank has numerous advantages:

  • Perfect sealing and constant volume
    (no evaporation or external contamination)
  • Closed and secure storage, which eliminates any risk of falling or drowning (unlike open tanks of the lagoon or basin type)
  • Very strong and built to last
    (more than 20 years)
  • Simple, quick installation, with no need for a building permit
  • The most economical solution compared to traditional installations
    (artificial water points, underground tanks or hard storage)
  • Modular installation (permanent or temporary
  • No maintenance required
  • Manufactured in France (100% Made in France)
  • Integrated design department to best adapt our products to your expectations
  • QB Certification (Cstb)
  • Afnor approval (NF S62-250)
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing
  • Fabric in compliance with the REACH directive

Did you know?

Each year, more than 400 Labaronne-Citaf fire tanks are endorsed by French fire brigade departments.

This feedback on fire control systems, as well as the support of our integrated design office, guarantees you compliant, long-lasting and certified facilities.

Our fire water storage tank is reputed to be the most reliable on the market.

Labaronne-Citaf, pioneer in fire safety solutions

Since 1969, Labaronne-Citaf has been tackling the problem of fighting fires and has worked in collaboration with the Fire Safety Services to develop effective and secure products.

It is with this in mind that, in 2017, our company decided to encourage states to adopt a standard for flexible fire tanks, intended to regulate the quality, reliability and performance of manufacturing. In France for example, the first standard in this area was promulgated: NF S62-250 standard. A true French and international benchmark, Labaronne-Citaf is the first manufacturer to offer 100% secure storage (verified volume, validated dimensions, strength and equipment tests).

As proof of this, our fire water storage tanks have all the approvals necessary for their proper use:

The Labaronne-Citaf fire tank is the only QB certified fire water tank that has been tried and tested for 25 years!
In addition, all our fire storage solutions intended for the External Fire Protection are guaranteed for several years. The Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks for firefighting have the distinction of being made of a high-quality technical fabric (manufactured in France and Europe). This fully watertight, resistant material gives our flexible tanks a long service life: some are still in service, even after 18 years!

* Dimensions and volumes according to Technical Notice No. 17/14-283 and its amendment

Reliable, nearby water storage to protect buildings and people

This type of flexible tank can be installed in residential, forest, commercial or even industrial areas for use in firefighting. In addition to all its advantages, the flexible tarpaulin storage solution is more aesthetic than a metal or concrete tank. We recommend it because its colour and dimensions can be integrated more easily into an architectural than a natural landscape, whilst also adapting to all climate conditions.

The installation of a flexible water tank meets several challenges:

Good to know: There are multiple installation configurations for your fire water storage, adapted specifically to your geographical location and to the regulations of your relevant fire department.

A flexible tank adapted to each situation


Urban and industrial area


Suburban area


Forest Zone


Isolated area or insufficient water network

Labaronne-Citaf advises and supports you

Perhaps you have already heard of “above ground suction”, or “frost-free suction”? Depending on the location available and the recommendations made to you by the emergency services, you can opt for two different types of suction:

  • The “above ground” type suction, with direct connection: for a rapidly operational tank,
  • The so-called “underground” or “frost-free” suction, with connection from the bottom: allowing a remote suction outlet (via an elbow or a fire hydrant) and protection of equipment against frosts.

Depending on the particular nature of each project, Labaronne-Citaf advises you and offers you a complete fire storage tank: type of equipment, type of suction, type of remote outlet, etc. Labaronne-Citaf also offers a “Turnkey” solution for the installation of its products. More than just saving time, calling on our team of dedicated technicians will allow you to guarantee that your installation is compliant.

Do not hesitate to consult our FAQ for more details concerning the installation. We also offer detailed brochures on fire water tanks: trust us, contact us!



In order to best support its customers, Labaronne-Citaf offers a unique “turnkey” service for the installation of its products: MIL (Maintenance / Installation / Rental). Thanks to our dedicated team and our qualified partners, we accompany and assist you throughout your project, from the design to the installation of your tank.

Thus, we ensure the global management of your order to guarantee the conformity and safety of your installation, by engaging our responsibility. Contact us to find out more about this privileged service.

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Flexible tank for fire defense (firefighters test)

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Flexible tanks for fighting forest fires

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