Fuel Storage

The storage of hydrocarbons requires the use of material with a proven quality. With its historical expertise in the management of liquids in flexible storage, Labaronne-Citaf designs high tenacity flexible tanks for fuel.

Flexible tanks for fuel: safety and mobility

Storing fuel and hydrocarbons requires the use of particularly safe and robust devices. The flexible fuel tank is perfect for the storage of hydrocarbons on a mining, a construction or a drilling site. It is also suitable for temporary fuel storage on construction sites that are difficult to access for machinery. This type of logistics solution is perfect for storing fuel and other hydrocarbons and comes with many advantages.

Our flexible hydrocarbon storage tanks

Labaronne-Citaf designs flexible tanks suited to each type of liquid, from the most basic to the most aggressive, even hazardous such as fuel (Oil, Diesel, Jet A-1, Kerosene, NAFTA, JP4, JP5, JP8, etc.), mineral oils or various chemicals.

Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks may address various issues: static or mobile, permanent or temporary storage, etc. As a result, these are proven functional solutions for the storage of oil products.

Our design office – expert in liquid management and in designing large volume tanks – is fully aware that fuel handling can be difficult. We do our utmost to offer our customers fuel storage solutions that are reliable, efficient and easy to use.

Labaronne-Citaf takes pride in assisting you throughout your bespoke projects: compliant equipment, correctly sized draining systems, comprehensive proven “turnkey” solutions. Thanks to our designs to a stringent quality, our business has been recognised by various institutions, the Army, the Civil Security and many other organisations in France or internationally for over 60 years.

Pros of our flexible closed fuel tanks

Closed self-supporting flexible tanks are the most functional storage solution on the market for all types of liquids.

  • Closed storage and secure installation
  • Perfectly sealed (environmental protection)
  • Great resistance (to the most corrosive products)
  • Proven lifespan
  • Robustness (in extreme weather conditions)
  • Large volumes
  • Modular & transportable installation (permanent or temporary)
  • Ready to use systems, that are easily and quickly installed
  • Lightweight, foldable and reusable product
  • No maintenance needed
  • 100% French production, ISO 9001 certified
  • 100% recyclable fabric

Labaronne-Citaf flexible storage: unrivalled quality guaranteed


Whatever the expected end use, we design our flexible tanks with thoroughly selected, certified and guaranteed equipment.

The fabric selected for the design of our “Fuel” range is especially made for hydrocarbon protection. It is ultra-resistant and waterproof and made from a polyamide weave coated in polyurethane (PU). To guarantee the fabric is not altered by the stored liquid, non-contamination tests are carried out regularly, in accordance with the MIL-DTL 27422D military test method.

Our flexible fuel tanks are made using a high-frequency welding method, and each stitching is reinforced. Thus, Labaronne-Citaf flexible hydrocarbon tanks have a long lifespan (some have been in service for more than 5 years), which guarantees a fuel storage for several years.

A perfect solution for the storage and the transport of your liquids

A flexible tank is extremely easy to use, move and deploy.

Once folded, its volume is less than 1% of its initial storage capacity!

If needed, it can be transported from one place to another, whatever your activity, and have a storage of several hundred m3 that is immediately operational within a few hours.

Transport tank

Specifically manufactured for transport!

If you need a mobile solution, opt for a specific construction of our flexible fuel tank as a flexible transport tank.
It will be designed and equipped to safely withstand any transport constraints.


Types of use

Flexible storage tanks give you more flexibility in your activity. For example, they are used as:

  • Hydrocarbon reserve on drilling, mining or construction sites, etc.
  • Temporary fuel storage on isolated and/or difficult to access sites
  • Refuelling earth moving or maritime machines (transport, freight, building site, agricultural…)
  • Refuelling aircrafts (planes, helicopters, etc.)


You may add a retaining system to your storage tank installation. That way, in the event of an accidental spill while using your tank, this safety retention will contain the liquid and prevent soil and/or water table contamination. Labaronne-Citaf may provide flexible retaining systems (inflatable or with supporting legs). They protect against leakage during liquid transfers, and can also be used as a chemical discharge area. Our retaining systems are also designed to withstand aggressive liquids and heavy vehicles.

Furthermore, we offer optional electromechanical equipment: volumetric meters, pumps, motorised valves

Contact us to find out more about all our industrial solutions.

Note: Add a liner to open or closed metal tanks
Our technical fabrics are perfect for sealing rigid tanks. Contact us to find out more about manufacturing bespoke liners.

Labaronne-Citaf, the most experienced historic leader

For over 60 years, we have gained the trust of manufacturers, armies, builders and construction, geothermal or energy engineers. We deliver our fuel tanks around the world, where our expertise is recognised by many professionals and where we work hand in hand with experts, focusing on our clients’ projects.



At Labaronne-Citaf, your satisfaction and safety are our priority. For this reason, we provide services from design to installation, to ensure the compliance and sustainability of your investments. Our design office takes care of your bespoke requests and your development projects. More than simple storage, choose a Labaronne-Citaf flexible tank to guarantee your liquids are protected over the long term.


Do you want to discuss your project or have a question about our fuel tanks?

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