We've joined the "Team for the planet" coalition! This initiative is in line with our CSR policy and our desire to reduce our environmental impact.

It's an initiative for the climate, for the planet, which today brings together hundreds of individual and corporate donors, including Labaronne-Citaf.


What is Team for the planet?

Team for the planet is a movement launched in 2019 to raise funds to develop innovations and businesses designed to combat global warming. Since its launch, over 2,000 innovations have been received! Some ten innovations have been launched, and are now companies or solutions in operation, supported by the organization.

Team for the Planet has already proved it with over 115,000 citizen shareholders: when everyone takes a small step, intelligently synchronized, the impact can be colossal in the fight against greenhouse gases.

It's the biggest climate action movement in Europe. The goal is to bring together 10,000 companies to create the world's largest business coalition for climate action. The message is simple: together, alongside citizens, and thanks to their donations, companies have the power to make a difference! To combat greenhouse gas emissions, companies must now work together.

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Join the movement

At Labaronne-Citaf, we want to get a little more involved every day in the fight against climate change, and today we're inviting all companies and individuals to spread the word and raise awareness around them; and to join the operation to finance these innovations.

All it takes is a few clicks to get involved. Find out how here!

Let's show that companies are capable of playing an important role in the ecological transition.



If you too are ready to take action, join the #Teamfortheplanet 🙌 movement!