Case : Rainwater – 100 m3
Volume : 100 m3
Field of activity : Farmer
Stored liquid : Eau de pluie
Description :

In Fresia, in the Chilean province of Llanquihue, this farmer installed a 100 m3 cistern last year to store rainwater.
The climate of this southern region lends itself to rainwater harvesting, which becomes an essential resource during drier periods.

This project is one of many agricultural projects supported by the Chilean government through the Ministry of Agriculture. Water management and the development of a better agriculture in the country are important issues in Chile, facilitating the implementation of this type of installation.


Objective :

On this farm, the stored water comes from the greenhouse roofs. It is collected by a gutter collector connected to the roof and to the cistern, where it is stored for use in the cultivation of various fruits and vegetables, depending on the season. An irrigation system is then connected directly to the flexible cistern at the outlet.

Reasons for their choice :

This project, set up thanks to the work of our distributor Grupo DELSANTEK and its local partner Agua y Riego, enables this farmer to produce in greater quantity and variety, while using a natural resource such as rainwater.

Thanks to all these stakeholders, such installations are now possible and accessible for Chilean farms. This is a considerable contribution for small farmers, not only in diversifying their consumption but also in developing their business, with greater variety and better quality products.