Case : Self-supporting closed flexible tank – 100 m3
Volume : 100 m3
Field of activity : Farmer
Stored liquid : Eau
Description :

100 m3 water storage tank for watering mountain goats

Objective :

This 100 m3 cistern was installed in the mountains, to supply water to the sheep troughs near the sanctuary of Notre-Dame de La Salette.

The water is pumped from an old municipal reservoir below. It is then pumped up into the mountains and stored in a 100 m3 flexible tank. The stored water then flows by gravity into the basins and troughs located a few meters below.


Reasons for their choice :

In mountainous, steep or difficult-to-access environments, the flexible cistern is an ideal solution for storing water, whatever the use, not least because of its ease of installation. This is one of the reasons why the customer chose the flexible cistern for this project, in addition to the product’s robustness.