Case : Self-supporting closed flexible tank – 2500 m3
Volume : 2500 m3
Field of activity : Farmer
Stored liquid : Effluents agricoles
Description :

For this customer in Francia, we manufactured and installed a 2,500 m3 flexible tank for digestate storage, after having installed the first one last December.

These 2 tanks, representing a volume of 5000 m3, are used to store surplus digestate around the methanization unit. On each of these tanks, we’ve added tappings on the sides, to allow the effluent to be stirred with pumps to prevent clogging.

Objective :

To optimize the activity for farmers, the tanks are located 15 km from the unit, on 2 different sites. These locations are close to the surrounding fields, the aim being for farmers to avoid having to go all the way to the methanization unit to fill their slurry tanker, and thus limit their travel during spreading periods. A considerable saving in time, money and logistics!

Reasons for their choice :

For this type of agricultural project, our flexible tanks are the perfect solution: they are easy to install, even for very large volumes, and very robust thanks to a fabric adapted to the characteristics of farm effluents. It was partly for these reasons that the customer chose the flexible tank.