Retention tank

During the storage of pollutants, it may happen that a leak contaminates your environment. Our flexible retention basin have been developed for the manufacturers and the experts of decontamination.

Flexible retention basin

The flexible retention basin is designed as a safety retention to prevent pollution risks.

We offer 2 types of retention basin, made ​​with a fabric adapted to the contain pollutant: inflatable basin or tank with keeping feet.


Labaronne-Citaf : manufacturer and inventor of high-resistance flexible storage

The manufacturing process for our tanks consists of assembling strips of technical fabrics using high frequency welding. These fabrics are composed of a polyester weft (a frame guaranteeing their strength), coated with PVC or PU and protected with an anti-UV treatment on both sides.

Inventor of the flexible tank, our manufacturing methods and choices have evolved with the sole aim of offering the best storage for your liquids. We offer you suitable fabrics, which we select and develop with French and European companies, according to the technical characteristics of each liquid. These fabrics are also certified to comply with the regulations in force in the sectors with which we work, and guarantee the longevity of your flexible storage.


  • Retention under pallet
  • Storage of dangerous liquid

Products benefits

  • Easy to install, collapse, move
  • Made to measure possible
  • Adaptability of the raw material to the product to be stored
  • Inflatable tubes or footrests for input/output of vehicle or machine

The solution in pictures

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