Agricultural Effluents

Regulatory obligations related to the control of agricultural effluent discharges require that livestock buildings and the treatment of wine effluents be brought up to standard. The Labaronne-Citaf range of products for Effluents has been developed to meet the requirements of long-term storage of farm and wine effluents.

A flexible tank designed for agricultural or wine effluents

Labaronne-Citaf offers a complete range of flexible agricultural products, to help you store and treat your liquids in a simple and efficient way.

Farming or wine growing activities necessarily produce fluid waste: liquid sludge, waste water (brown water, green water, black water, etc.), slurry, liquid manure, phytosanitary waste, digestates, etc. Depending on the type of production, health regulations require that residues be stored for periods of time that may be extended to several months. In order to do this, the choice of an appropriate flexible tank is mandatory for each operator.

Store your effluents
easily and safely

Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks provide you with a quick and practical solution for storing your farm or wine effluents.

Our products are designed for long-term storage and meet legal obligations to control the discharge of agricultural effluents. Our range of flexible tanks for the storage of effluents eliminates direct discharges into the natural environment and prevents water pollution by runoff and infiltration into the ground.

Perfectly waterproof (whatever the external constraints) and resistant to aggressive and fermentable liquids thanks to a special double-sided lacquer finish; Labaronne-Citaf flexible bags allow you to store up to 2000 m3 of effluents (for above-ground solutions) and up to 17000 m3 (for semi-underground tanks). Please contact us to find out our distribution area for this product.

Effluents that can be stored in flexible tanks

The main agricultural effluents that can be stored in flexible tanks:

  • slurry : mixture of urine and pure faeces.
  • liquid manure: the juices flowing from the manure, consisting mainly of urine, diluted or not.
  • green waters: milking room cleaning water loaded with animal waste.
  • brown waters: run-off water containing animal wastes.
  • silage juices: juice flowing from storage silos for fresh vegetable products.
  • wine-making effluents from tank washing operations.

Labaronne-Citaf closed flexible tanks offer many advantages for storing agricultural effluents

Self-supporting closed flexible tanks are the most profitable storage solution on the market, for any kind of liquid.

  • Closed storage and secure installation
  • Perfect sealing (environmental protection)
  • KIWA Certification
  • Antifungal treatment
  • Two-sided anti-UV treatment
  • Lacquering (reinforced protection of the coating)
  • High mechanical resistance (traction / tear)
  • High thermal resistance (for temperatures ranging from -30ºC to +70ºC)
  • Proven longevity (tanks over 20 years old, still in service)
  • No maintenance required
  • Simple, quick installation, with no need for a building permit
  • Light, foldable and reusable product
  • Modular, transportable installation (permanent or temporary)
  • Most affordable storage per m3 installed
  • 100% French manufacture, ISO 9001 certified
  • 100% recyclable fabric, according with the REACH directive

Storage of agricultural liquids:
applicable regulations

Approved since 2005 by the French Ministry of Agriculture (official letter in support) as part of the PMPOA2 – Program for the Control of Pollution of Agricultural Origin – and by other European organizations, Labaronne-Citaf guarantees French manufacture of its flexible tanks, in accordance with the specifications and regulations in force. In addition, our company has ISO 9001 certification, ensuring our clients customer-oriented products and services, with a deep commitment to quality management and continuous improvement. This is why all our products are guaranteed.

The reinforced technical fabric that we use for the storage of liquids resulting from fermentation has been specially designed to meet the constraints of storage of effluents, which are particularly corrosive. It has benefited from several treatments to resist chemical attacks, thus ensuring the longevity of our product: double-sided anti-UV treatment, lacquering, antifungal treatment … This also allows a reduced permeability to gases, and therefore restricts odours.

High Labaronne-Citaf quality: as proof of our commitment, our fabric has been inspected and approved by the Kiwa organization* for over 25 years.
*Kiwa is one of the world’s 20 major players in the Testing, Control and Certification (TCC) sector. This global and independent body monitors the quality, safety and durability of products.

Did you know?


On an international scale, the trend towards recycling is gaining water.

Known as REUSE (from the expression “Wastewater Reuse”), the reuse of wastewater thus appears to be a way forward and several governments have already taken regulatory measures to encourage the practice.

In Europe, for example, farmers and industrialists will have up to 2023 years to adapt their structures.


An efficient solution for various uses

The Agriculture sector is versatile and we understand your issues well. This is why we have taken care to develop products that allow you to be as flexible as your business requires.

Our flexible agricultural tanks are suitable for storing various liquids, such as:

  • Storage of effluents between spreading periods
  • Storage of biodigestates on a methanisation unit
  • Off-set storage on spreading area
  • Buffer storage of wine effluents before controlled discharge into the network
  • Storage of brown water, liquid manure and slurry
  • Storage of phytosanitary effluents

wastewater Treatment: save money!

A flexible tank for agricultural effluents fits perfectly into the wastewater treatment cycle. It offers multiple advantages for the treatment of organic matter, slurry and multiple polluting dejecta and avoids the contamination of the water courses and ground water.

Good to know: Reusing your effluents saves a lot of money! This allows you to reduce your purchases of fertilizers (wastewater being rich in nutrients) and – by coupling it with a methanisation unit – you can create your own biogas energy source.

Installation and maintenance

Installation is quick and easy and can be carried out by non-specialized personnel: a few tens of minutes are sufficient for small volumes. For more complex installations, Labaronne-Citaf offers you a unique “turnkey” service, from the design to the installation of its products, in order to guarantee compliance and safety, by committing to its responsibility (Contact our advisers to find out more about our installation coverage area). Labaronne-Citaf flexible bladders do not require any particular maintenance. Nevertheless, a regular and periodic inspection is recommended to verify the correct operation of the valves.


Founder of the flexible tank and specialists for more than 60 years, our design office is regularly called upon to work on projects for waste water storage tanks and agricultural methanisation units, enabling water to be stored without the risk of external pollution in order to reuse it in crops and green spaces.

We will be happy to provide you with information on the subject!

Our equipment and other storage solutions

Stirred storage: equip your tank

When emptying, it may be necessary to stir the tank to homogenize the effluents and therefore the amendments. We suggest that you equip your tank with a stirring unit, in order to avoid deposits and the risk of obstruction of the distribution networks. The stirring is carried out by recirculation with the manure tanker, the cleaning truck or a surface pump.


Filters can be installed on our degassers to treat the stale air from fermentations and help retain odours.

Other systems such as our containment covers allow the reduction of odours on a larger scale on your installations, whatever the size of your tank.

A “Made in France” product recognized worldwide


Pioneers in the design and manufacture of flexible membranes, our know-how allows us to present a range of sustainable solutions, for any type of liquid and use. Whether you choose a flexible, self-supporting or semi-underground tank, our teams will be able to provide you with the most appropriate solution depending on the liquid to be stored.

We supply all types of agricultural and / or wine-growing operations – regardless of their size – and each year, more than 3000 tanks leave our factory. Inventor of the flexible tank, our family business has 7 exclusive patents.  We maintain this relationship of trust with our recurring customers and partners, located in more than 40 countries around the world.

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Also called bladder, cover, flexible pouch or flexible container, the flexible tank is a self-supporting flexible storage which is more economical and practical than a rigid tank..




Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

Soft bag for manure storage

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