Water, sanitation and electricity: renewable energy for development in Togo

Welcome back to the town of Nosté, with the final video of the pilot project run by our humanitarian partner, “Électriciens Sans Frontières”. In a previous news article, we already highlighted this project by sharing a long video report. The aim of this project was to provide access to drinking water and electricity for schools and clinics in nine villages. All of this was achieved thanks to permanent, sustainable and autonomous installations.

The Project

To ensure this, the NGO (in partnership with several other actors) has installed:

  • Photovoltaic panels linked to batteries to store solar energy during the day, and thus have access to electricity at night.
  • A water tower with a self-supporting closed flexible drinking water tank, supplied by a solar pump and coupled to a distribution network to distribute water throughout the village: standpipes or water fountains, sanitary facilities (showers and latrines), medical centre, schools, etc.
  • A flexible rainwater harvesting tank, equipped with a filtration and potabilization system, to supplement the need for water.

The Outcomes

This mission was successful, and here are some of the main achievements:

  • With access to quality water, preserved from all contamination, diseases are decreasing and infant mortality is falling.
  • Children are more focused at school. They can stay on site to eat and drink and their school results are improving.
  • The apprentices, trained by the NGO to build these facilities, now have the know-how to develop their own work experience and be self-sufficient.
  • A local management committee monitors the proper use and maintenance of the facilities, ensuring their sustainability.

To conclude, the benefits are as much in terms of health, education and enhancement as they are in terms of positive economic and environmental impact!

Watch the video :
Togo: a program to provide a sustainable access to electricty services, quality water and sanitation