For this first edition, the company joined forces with Solidarités International in its fight “Drinking water for all”, supporting the NGO’s actions in Africa.
“Natural disasters are becoming more and more intense, conflicts are lasting longer and longer, and there are more and more refugees. The humanitarian situation in 2019 is alarming. More and more people need help, shelter, food… They also need drinking water. This clean water that will not kill them, that will not make them sick. There is an emergency… ”  (cf. Water and Sanitation Barometer 2019).

More than a supplier, Labaronne-Citaf is a trusted partner for many humanitarian organizations. Storage in flexible tanks facilitates interventions in humanitarian emergencies, development aid missions or peacekeeping and reconstruction missions. Our product is perfectly suited for the transport of liquids and/or their preservation, especially drinking water.
It is therefore quite natural that we have chosen to support this beautiful project on our own scale, by setting up an action over the year.

solidarités international


Because that’s where it all started for Labaronne-Citaf. The cradle of the company’s founder, André-Lucien Labaronne, in the 1950s, at the origin of the invention of the flexible cistern, a practical water storage system that was easy to transport and use. But also because Africa is the continent for which the water issue, in all its social, political, environmental and economic dimensions, has the greatest impact on the future.
The African continent has more than 5,000 billion m3 of water in its groundwater, but 844 million inhabitants still do not have access to drinking water… Without this natural resource, water, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is impossible. Social tensions are increasing and the health of Africans is worsening in these geographical areas where water is scarce. ”  (Ouest France source)


At the beginning of 2019, Benoît Balandras – President of Labaronne-Citaf – explained:

“Last year, we manufactured and sold the equivalent of 230,000,000 litres of storage through our flexible tanks. This year we have the ambition to reach 250,000,000 litres and to make Solidarités International, with whom we have been working for several years, benefit from this.”

At the end of the year, for every litre of storage sold, part of the sales made to Solidarités International was donated..
In order to allow everyone to follow the progress of this operation, we had set up a dynamic volumetric counter on our website. It displayed in real time the capacities of the tanks sold throughout the year. This enabled our customers to see and measure the results of their investment in concrete terms.

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Labaronne-Citaf’s intention was to be able to follow a mission, to better measure its impact and federate its teams around a common project. This first sponsorship action was a real success because the objective was largely achieved! Indeed, we exceeded our wish by 2.5 M litres of storage sold, to reach a little over 258,000,000 litres! And all this, thanks to our customers.

2019 assessment: 258 million litres of water is the equivalent of the basic consumption of 47,000 people for a whole year.


13 February 2020, the Humanitarian Projects Officer and the Communications Manager of Labaronne-Citaf left the Pont-Evêque premises to go to the head office of Solidarités International in Clichy (Paris). They handed over the donation cheque and congratulated the teams present on site.

This day of meeting was also an opportunity to discuss current projects and issues, as well as the association’s organisation in the field and the interest of our products on a daily basis.


Our participation has enabled Solidarités International to continue its actions in a “forgotten crisis” zone in Southern Sudan.
Indeed, years of conflict, violence and destroyed livelihoods have laissé́ more than 7 million people in critical need of humanitarian aid, while exposing them to protection risks in 2019. These people have gathered in the informal camp of Aburoc in Upper Nile State.

Thus, thanks to our products and donations, the NGO was able to cover the most urgent needs of the populations affected by conflicts and epidemics, but also to provide vital assistance through rapid, quality and equitable access to drinking water to the people of Aburoc and the surrounding communities.


Committed to access to drinking water and sanitation for all, Solidarités International comes to the aid of populations affected by conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters. Since 1980, the mission of its humanitarian teams has been to provide the quickest and most effective assistance to those whose health and lives are threatened, by covering their vital needs: drinking, eating and shelter.

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