The company’s primary vocation since 1958, Labaronne-Citaf offers numerous solutions dedicated to water storage (rainwater, spring water, raw water, wastewater…). As an increasingly scarce resource, water management requires the establishment of a storage system or suitable recovery system.

Our flexible solutions for water storage

Since 1958, we have been committed to offering you efficient solutions for water storage.

Self-supporting closed flexible tanks placed on the ground, transport tanks, open tanks, either self-standing basin or on a frame, flexible ballasts, etc. Labaronne-Citaf designs numerous flexible tanks adapted to your uses, to collect, store, treat and distribute water.

The self-supporting closed flexible tank:
Labaronne-Citaf’s flagship product

At Labaronne-Citaf, inventor and manufacturer of the flexible tank, we have always had a special relationship with water and the challenges it implies. Characterised as blue gold, water is a precious resource that should be preserved. To this end, we provide professionals and individuals with equipment that meets their various storage needs.

Also called bladder or pillow tanks, the water tank is a liquid recovery system in the form of a flexible, opaque and closed self-supporting tarpaulin. A special feature of this flexible tank is that it is designed in a technical fabric made from high-tenacity polyester, ensuring a flawless seal. Depending on the model chosen, our bladder tanks can hold large quantities of liquid, of up to 2,000 m3 in a single unit and up to 10,000 m3 for the partially buried version.

The closed flexible tank: many advantages for water storage

Our closed flexible tanks intended for water storage are designed to guarantee you reliable and robust equipment over the long term.

  • No risk of contamination, oxidation or evaporation of the liquid
  • Perfect seal (prevents the proliferation of algae, mosquitoes, etc.)
  • Two-sided anti-UV treatment
  • High mechanical resistance (traction / tear)
  • High thermal resistance (for temperatures ranging from -30ºC to +70ºC)
  • Long life (more than 20 years)
  • Secure equipment (no risk of falling and drowning)
  • Simple, quick installation, with no need for a building permit
  • Light, foldable, reusable, transportable and modular product
  • Most affordable storage per m3 installed
  • 100% French manufacture, ISO 9001 certified
  • 100% recyclable fabrics
  • Compliant with the REACH directive
  • IANESCO accreditation

Why invest in a flexible tank?

The flexible water tank is a practical and environmentally-friendly storage solution.

By recycling collected water, the water tank offers a certain autonomy and proves to be a judicious ally, particularly in the face of regional restrictions introduced to respond to the acceleration of global warming. Whether you are a farmer, an industrialist, a civil security authority or service, a municipality, a humanitarian association or an NGO, this equipment — permanent or temporary — remains the most effective solution to meet your water storage needs.


A multitude of uses according to your needs

The water stored in flexible tanks can be used for several purposes, such as:

  • Water storage tank for livestock watering,
  • Rainwater recovery for irrigation and watering of plots,
  • Water for washing agricultural or industrial equipment,
  • Water storage on site: site facilities, drilling, mining, construction sites, swimming pool maintenance, etc.
  • Water for watering: green spaces, flower beds, sports fields, etc.
  • Storage for wastewater treatment,
  • Relay storage for firefighting operations,
  • Drinking water unit (mobile or fixed),
  • Ballast and load test.

Good to know: Coupled with a purification system, our flexible tanks make it possible to sanitise the collected water (rainwater, spring water, wastewater, etc.), and to transform rainwater into potable water.

A fast, customisable and environmentally-friendly solution

Quick to deploy, easily transportable, the flexible Labaronne-Citaf tank can be installed in less than an hour and thus be operational immediately for filling or recovering water.

Depending on your project and need (collecting, storing, purifying or redistributing your water and rainwater), our design office will offer you the most appropriate and complete solution, with suitable equipment: lashing harnesses, different types of valves, connection systems, etc. Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks can also be combined with numerous accessories (pumps, hydroponic sprinkler system, filtration system, etc.) and/or connected together.

On the installation side, the flexible tank can be placed on the ground outdoors, or in crawl spaces, under a terrace or any other space difficult to access to save space and remain discreet. The only constraint? A perfectly flat surface with no roughness.

Labaronne-Citaf products: the highest level of security

Faced with climate change (drought, fire, storms, etc.) and the need to preserve your water resources, Labaronne-Citaf designs innovative, patented, certified and guaranteed solutions.

The storage of liquids — and particularly the storage of water — is subject to strict rules that we take very seriously when designing our flexible tanks. This is why all Labaronne-Citaf products comply with existing French and European standards, to guarantee you maximum security. Our entire manufacturing process is audited and certified ISO 9001 each year by qualified professionals. In addition, for the manufacture of our flexible drinking water tanks, we use a coated polyester material approved by IANESCO, allowing perfectly secure storage, with no substance transfer (no migration from the product to the stored liquid).

Did you know?

To assure you of the quality of our products, our water storage tanks have a warranty against any material (technical fabric) or manufacturing (welding) defect.
The same applies to our equipment.

Labaronne-Citaf, at your service for the manufacture of your flexible tank


For more than 60 years, Labaronne-Citaf has been a champion of “made in France“, putting all its know-how at the service of an international clientele. Our teams produce more than 3,000 flexible tanks each year for countries around the world for the environment, civil protection, agriculture, industry, building and public works (BTP), authorities, the armed forces, etc.

Our design office is at your disposal for your tailor-made project: tell us about your needs, and we will deal with your request as soon as possible for prompt delivery. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for a quote or information about your future water storage tank.

All together for access to water

When they choose Labaronne-Citaf, our customers choose a committed manufacturer, which reverts part of the sales it makes to safeguard water, to purify it and make it accessible to all. They thus become players in sustainable development, because it is the small gestures that allow big causes to triumph.

Are you interested in actions to preserve the water resources of our dear blue planet?

Discover our corporate philanthropy actions around the world

Discover our local charities

Water storage-related products



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Installation of a flexible tank Labaronne-Citaf

Flexible tank for rainwater recovery

World Water Day 2017

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