A water tank in Chile 🇨🇱

In the Magallanes region of southern Chile, water management has been a major concern for several years. With temperatures rising in recent years and less frequent rainfall, the water storage tank is now an ideal solution to facilitate the work of farmers in the region.

In this context, our partner Delsantek. had supplied 2 years ago this flexible tank of 100 m3 for this farmer, the biggest producer of strawberries in the region.

The tank is still in place today, and this water source allows to secure the activity of the farm, from the irrigation of strawberries and potatoes to the chicken’s watering.

Water management is getting more and more relevant in Patagonia, and the anticipation of this farmer has been praised by Chilean agricultural authorities.




Since 2019, Delsantek has delivered over 70 Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks in the Magallanes region.

A solution supported by Indap (Institute of Agricultural Development), which is increasingly strengthening its support for the implementation of water storage solutions in the country.

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