Here is a beautiful report shared by our humanitarian partner, the NGO « Électriciens Sans Frontières ». Produced in Togo, one of the poorest countries in the world, this report shows how the use of flexible tanks can allow easy and quick access to drinking water in the most isolated regions.

  • Firstly, at one rural clinic, where a flexible tank – collecting rainwater and coupled with a purification system – enables health care teams to have access to drinking water, but also to preserve hygiene by washing their hands after each operation, injection or after a simple examination.
  • Then in a village, where our tank is connected to the pump of a borehole more than 1 km away. It stores and redistributes the water in several places in the village.
  • Another example, in a school: the installation of a cistern provides drinking water to teachers and children, who no longer need to go home to quench their thirst at lunchtime.

Showers, taps, fountains … The water tanks also provide a temporary solution to the needs of the population when the boreholes no longer work. The women, who used to be responsible for fetching water miles away from their village, especially for preparing meals, are delighted:

« Now we have more time. We can go to work in the fields and earn money, become more self-sufficient. We also have more time to take care of our children. »

As our founder, what we want more than anything else in Labaronne-Citaf is a decade in which water is no longer a scarce commodity. Whether it can be transported, stored and distributed easily, where it is not, or no longer. In still many countries, the arrival of good quality water is a real revolution.
We are therefore proud to see this wish come true a little more each day, proud to have manufactured, in our workshop and with our own hands, each of the tanks that are making a name for themselves here and elsewhere. We are also proud of our partners, who trust us and are committed every day, in the 4 corners of the world.


Watch the video:
Water, sanitation, electricity: renewable energies for development in Togo


In 2021, Labaronne-Citaf is supporting Electriciens Sans Frontières (ESF):

Operation Patronage 2021

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