Patronage Operation 2020
“Water, a key to sustainable development” Mission

In 2020, Labaronne-Citaf is joining forces with Aquassistance in its mission “makING access to water and sanitation a key to sustainable development”

Although “access to safe drinking water and sanitation” has been recognized as a Human Right since 2010, almost half of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water. Thus, unsafe water is one of the leading causes of mortality in the world

Throughout 2020, Labaronne-Citaf is mobilising alongside Aquasssitance, setting up sustainable actions in terms of water, sanitation and waste management.

New partnership, same mission

For this 2nd edition, our company is committed to Aquassistance, a humanitarian association of SUEZ Group employees, by supporting its various actions around the world.

Today, nearly a quarter of the world’s population is under very serious water stress. In addition, global warming intensifies and increases all natural risks, which have a direct impact on the water cycle.
It is therefore important to be able to help populations to develop a rapid and efficient system of drinking water resources in very arid or desert areas, but also to be able to provide emergency relief in the event of natural disasters (floods, hurricanes, fires, etc.) which often lead to a lack of consumable fresh water.
Water is a source and a lever for sustainable development that conditions the future of Mankind and, beyond that, that of the entire biosphere.

One of the association’s volunteers explains to us how the volunteers are currently organizing themselves in the field, thanks to our flexible tanks:

“They have designed a mobile water production unit capable of treating very poor quality water and distributing 5,000 litres of drinking water per hour. This guarantees access to drinking water for thousands of people following natural disasters or population displacements. Designed to be “light” (1.8 tons) and deployable in emergency conditions (disaster areas, without electricity, etc.), each mobile water treatment unit includes 3 flexible tanks and 2 self-supporting basins for different treatment stages.”

Aquassistance Mobile Unit: 3 flexible tanks + 2 Labaronne-Citaf self-erecting tanks.

A mobile unit can therefore meet the needs of 6,000 people per day, at the minimum subsistence level recommended by the WHO of 20L of water/person/day.

The 2020 project: “€1 donated for every order placed”

“We are very pleased to have been able to contribute to overcoming the health challenges threatening Africa last year by supporting Solidarités International. This project was unifying for each of our employees and made us want to repeat the operation. But preventing the hygiene problems linked to unsafe water is not an end in itself.”, explains Benoît Balandras, President of Labaronne-Citaf.

“Another equally important challenge is to be able to help the poorest people to develop a sustainable and appropriate solution for the management of their resources. In this way, water and sanitation can be a real lever for development in these countries, and this will have a positive impact on food security, health, but also gender equality and the living conditions of the inhabitants”.



This is why, throughout 2020, Labaronne-Citaf will donate €1 to Aquassistance for every order placed. Each purchase thus becomes a gesture of solidarity! And to enable you to follow the progress of the collection, we will regularly relay posts on our social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

Thank you and bravo to all those who already trust us, and congratulations to everyone who joins us every year!

Know more about Aquassistance

Aquassistance is an international solidarity association that works to improve access to water, sanitation and waste management for vulnerable populations. Aquassistance was created following the mobilization of Lyonnaise des Eaux (SUEZ) employees to restore drinking water supplies to populations displaced during the civil war in Rwanda. For a long time specialising in emergency interventions to restore access to water following natural disasters or population displacements, Aquassistance gradually opened up to development aid projects.

More about the NGO

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